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Dear all

As Nat keeps us informed on his latest projects I shall try my best to give you first info about Land Girls a new BBC series. B)

Liam Keelan, Controller of BBC One Daytime states in one BBC source: "The team behind Doctors is currently working on a five-part serial Land Girls (working title) which starts filming shortly and will be on BBC One Daytime later this year […]"

The five-part drama series has been commissioned to be broadcast on BBC One and is a part of the BBC’s efforts to mark the 70th anniversary of World War Two this year with a week-long event to honour the everyday heroes who helped win the war back at home.

There will be a series of live programmes that are currently planned to be broadcast each weekday morning at 9.15am on BBC One, and will invite people with amazing stories to share their memories of the action that took place on their doorstep. Now this is currently scheduled from Monday 31 August to Friday 4 September 2009 (this is yet to be confirmed – so please don’t blame me should there be changes; this is merely to inform you ASAP), 9.15am, BBC One. It seems to be highly likely that Nat’s project will be shown during that week.

Here’s an extremely brief synopsis of what you can expect to see: set in World War Two, Forgotten Army (former working title, new one is Land Girls) is a warm and uplifting story that follows the lives and loves of four land girls, while it explores how a whole generation of women adapted to new-found independence, free from the shackles or comforts of home life as they helped the war effort.

Hope you’ll find this informative. Something to look forward to, don’t you agree? :cheer:



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14 May 2009 11:36 #1109387889 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:Land Girls
Thanks, Jessie, for all this interesting information. Very helpful, indeed!


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14 May 2009 14:20 #1109387891 by Medodrome
Replied by Medodrome on topic Re:Land Girls
Thanks, Jessika, for keeping us informed!

It all sounds very interesting!

I hope we can see it here in the Netherlands too!


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14 May 2009 15:57 #1109387894 by hELlSangelke
Replied by hELlSangelke on topic Re:Land Girls
Thanks for the information, Jessika :cheer:

Els xxx :kiss:

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14 May 2009 17:45 - 14 May 2009 17:47 #1109387895 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re:Land Girls
Hi Jessika:) ,

...and of course a big THANK YOU from me too. Hope we will be able to see it here.

Many greetings
:) :laugh: :)
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29 May 2009 15:19 #1109388027 by BurningTorch
Replied by BurningTorch on topic Re:Land Girls
Definatly something to look forward to after(?) Torchwood: Children Of Earth! *pluggs mindlessly* Thanks for that webmistress, Jessika! :cheer: Have a great weekend!

Vicki x

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