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05 Jun 2009 22:00 #1109388077 by subject
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Thanks so much, Jessika, for the update and pic of Land Girls. Sure wish it would show in the states! Guess some day may get to see it though if it comes out on dvd. Thanks, again!



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06 Jun 2009 19:02 #1109388079 by Pitzel
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Great press release filled with a lot of info. I wish we would get this mini-series in the States but I also will be content to wait until the video. Perhaps it will be on BBC America sometime.

Just so glad Nat is working and this looks like a meaty role for him.

Jessika, thank you for finding all this information. I am in awe of you.


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08 Jun 2009 18:59 #1109388081 by DRae
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Rats!, another movie I will have to wait for on DVD. Sigh.:S
Hopefully this one will be more upbeat than than the last one I waited for. I just recently got A Village Affair and thought it was terribly sad. Most of the characters seemed seriously flawed. I could have done with a lot less of the girl-girl stuff also. The only plus....seeing Nat in the one scene in his boxers.
Anyway, it sounds like Land Girls will be good, and Nat is wearing a suit in the photo. YEA!
Donna Rae

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11 Jun 2009 04:08 - 11 Jun 2009 04:08 #1109388086 by tigger
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I think A Village Affair has stood the test of time: it's rather a nice film, but I do agree that the characters are all rather sad. I feel sorriest for Nat's character (of course!), but I think Sophie Ward does a very good job as the poor wife.

I recently read the book, and was disappointed with it.

I hope you enjoy the older TV film of Land Girls: it's a good production, from what I remember. I'm interested, though, to see what this new story is... I already have a theory about Lord Lawrence and the dark secret... hehehe :-)

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04 Jul 2009 14:27 #1109388323 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:Land Girls
Hello everybody:) !
In a google alert I received this news alert Nat:cheer: .
Here you have the link.

Many greetings.

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04 Jul 2009 14:33 #1109388324 by UNF
Replied by UNF on topic Re:Land Girls
Thanks, Amparo! The reporter sure liked Nat. Well, how could she not :)

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