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Hi gals,

just a tad of info on Nat's latest mini TV series. From an ITV press bulletin: "New programme Injustice will star James Purefoy as William Travers, a criminal barrister who is recovering from a series of events that have left him doubting his belief in the legal system." Injustice is Anthony Horowitz’s next project for ITV1 following the huge success of stripped drama Collision which screened to excellent reviews and ratings. It is directed by Colm McCarthy.



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10 Sep 2010 04:23 - 25 Sep 2010 13:26 #1109392230 by inspector
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Hi Jessika,
thanks for this information. Sounds as if it is a very good project. I will cross my finger that it will be sucessfull and we all will be able to watch it.
:kiss: Claudia
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10 Sep 2010 10:40 #1109392231 by Carrie77
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Thanks so much for the info, Jessika. I am so thrilled to hear of NAt's wonderful news. Much luck to him and his new endeavor.


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10 Sep 2010 11:11 #1109392233 by Nenne
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Hi Jessika!

Thank you for the information. It sounds like good grounds for a thriller and having Anthony Horowitz as the writer makes it even more promising. Hope all of us get to see the finished product.

Good luck to Nat in his participation!


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25 Sep 2010 18:26 #1109392295 by UNF
Replied by UNF on topic Re:Injustice
Am so pleased to see that Nat will be in this show. Just read the articles you've posted, Jessika, and was delighted to learn that it's a five-part series, and that Nat has what sounds like a very good role in it. I enjoyed Anthony Horowitz's other creations Foyle's War and Collision very much.

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27 Sep 2010 18:06 #1109392300 by Lisa
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Thank you Jessika :)
It´s always good to know, that Nat have a new project :laugh:
Greetings and Glück auf!!!
Lisa :kiss:

Greeting from

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