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Hi all,

I thought to do a little research about Nat's latest character he's going to play. I was getting a tad excited when I read that Louise Penny is hailed as the Canadian Elisabeth George - hear hear! Here's what she writes about the project so far:

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has 'greenlit' the film of STILL LIFE (the first Armand Gamache book). As some of you know, the film was optioned a year or so ago....but that's far from a guarantee it will be made....but thanks to a great production company, and script, the CBC has made it one of only three films they're producing this year. The news was announced at the Banff International TV conference. Here's the release:

STILL LIFE (PDM Entertainment): Based on the award-winning novels by international best-selling author Louise Penny, comes an event TV movie about murder in a small town. The village of Three Pines, Quebec may seem tranquil, but all is not as it appears. In this psychological thriller that combines Hitchcock with Christie, death comes to this peaceful Eden, and brings with it Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, the head of Homicide for the Surete du Quebec. Here he discovers that nature, both human and otherwise, is capable of great beauty, and great cruelty. Beneath the exterior of the pretty little village, dark secrets lie hidden. Behind cheerful smiles, hurtful thoughts swirl. As he digs deeper, Chief Inspector Gamache finds old sins, buried alive. Rancid and stinking. And now, one of those secrets has surfaced, and created a corpse. C.I. Gamache must follow the trail of smiles and lies, of courtesy and cruelty. To the killer.

In a rare starred review, Kirkus Review in the US said, 'If you don't give your heart to Gamache, you may have no heart to give.' Charming, urbane, intelligent and kind, Armand Gamache has been hailed internationally as a cop like no other."

Sounds like a lot of good stuff to be looking forward to. Did you already order the book? I did. For those who are still not quite sure, have a peek into her latest novel in the series here.



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29 Aug 2012 15:35 #1109394759 by Nenne
Replied by Nenne on topic Armand Gamache
Dear Jessika,

I also checked Louise Penny's website and read her thoughts about the upcoming film. She was looking forward to the casting of the different parts. By now she has at least one name. :)

Today the first Armand Gamache novel arrived and as soon as I have finished the three books I'm reading at the moment I'll pick up the Canadian.



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29 Aug 2012 18:31 #1109394762 by Martina2
Replied by Martina2 on topic Armand Gamache
I have to finish two other books aswell ( I love reading ) ;o)
Of course I will read A Louise Penny one now.
It would be an experience , when you already have got a strict character in mind. Normally you create one by reading the book.
Greetings Martina

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30 Aug 2012 16:10 #1109394765 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Armand Gamache
Hi :),
thanks Jessika for this great informations. I have to finish 3 books first. (Like Martina I like reading.) Thank God I am on holiday now - enough time to read. When I am ready I will buy the book too.
Hoping we will be able to watch Nat here in Germany.
:) :laugh: :)

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01 Sep 2012 19:57 #1109394768 by Gitta
Replied by Gitta on topic Armand Gamache
Hello Jessika,

Thank you for sharing all this great information with us. I hope we can go see the series in Netherlands also. And I also like reading, so I can read the books first.


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02 Sep 2012 17:30 #1109394770 by Net
Replied by Net on topic Armand Gamache
Hi all,

Just read the book and enjoyed it for a debut crime novel it was good. Hope the film makes it onto the TV in the UK.

Not going to spoil things for anyone but one sentence in about the third chapter will explain a few things.



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