Movies and TV on blu-ray

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Movies and TV on blu-ray

I’ve just done a search of the site and realised that there is no information on Movies or TV programmes on blu-ray.

I have a few blu-rays in my collection so I did a bit more searching and the list below summarises what I have found.

This list covers searches I have made in the UK so predominately finds region B or region free. An explanation of region codes is below.

Bleak HouseRegion free
Chronicles of Narnia (Dawn Treader)Region A and B available
Haunted MansionRegion A and B available.
I really hate my JobRegion A (only US import)
St. Trinian'sRegion B
StardustRegion B
Perfect HostRegion A (only US import)
Merlin (series 4)Region B
FlawlessRegion A (only US import)

Hope this is useful :).


Explanation of blu-ray region codes

Region A North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

Region B Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Region C India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mainland China, Pakistan, Russia, Central and South Asia

Region free All areas

NOTE: Be careful make sure you buy the correct region disc for your player.

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Hey Net,

thanks for this list. I still don't use blue ray, still on my oldish DVD gadgets... But Thanks anyways. I also know that a freat deal of Nat stuff is out to watch online via Netflix so I'm told.



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