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04 Jul 2016 16:43 #1109395260 by centaur
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Hi everyone

I`m happy to tell you, that my long but patient waiting for The Outcast has now been rewarded by our TV, though I nearly missed it because of its Finnish name, " The Homecoming". :cheer:

From the very beginning I loved and admired the secure, high British quality of the drama.
The atmosphere then turned out utterly distressing, especially after the death of Lewis`s mother. It really became difficult for me to watch the film towards the end. But, of course, I wanted to see it, and now I must wait until the next weekend for the second part, which surely will be even more distressing, won`t it?
:oops: :)

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11 Jul 2016 05:39 #1109395261 by centaur
Replied by centaur on topic The Outcast
Naturally the second part continued with the same, oppressive feeling.
However, a very clever growing story of young people. The village seemed to be full of bad adults, cold, selfish and weak. The young ones were saved, when they got out of it. Really no home "coming" - strange to give such a name to this film.
Altogether I loved to see The Outcast and, of course, Nat in such a different role. A fine example of his vast capability in characterizing various persons.
:) :cheer:

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