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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the welcomes.

I am very glad the worst of the cold weather is over or at least the snow and ice anyway. It’s lovely for a short while but when you have to get into work everyday it becomes such a pain.

I work in London as a Civil Servant – I work for the UK Government so I travel by coach everyday. I’m 2 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace.

I do plan to see Nat at the theatre this year. I’ve been a fan for years and have never seen him perform live. I will try my best to meet him afterward the show. Because I work in politics and have worked for ex PM’s Gordon Brown and Tony Blair this play is of real interest to me. I would really love to talk to Nat about his role at Gordon Brown to see how realistic it is.

I absolutely love this website there’s so much information etc and it’s always nice to have the personal touch of Mr Parker himself. I actually am a web designer in my free time and I run fellow ‘Piece of Cake’ and Midsomer Murders actor Neil Dudgeon’s website. Although it is not official, Neil contributes to the site in the same way that Nat does for this website. www.neil-dudgeon.net

I also run a number of digital art and avatars websites on celebs/movies etc and am working on some Nat art and avatars as we speak so I will send you the links to those when they have been uploaded.

Oh and welcome to the newest member too!!
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06 Feb 2013 05:16 #1109394972 by Marny
Replied by Marny on topic Hiya!
I saw some of the digital art work of Neil and I'm very curious to see Nat's.
By the way, lovely website you got there Sarah.

Start with what is needed, continue with what is possible, and suddenly you manage the impossible!
- Francis of Assisi -

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08 Feb 2013 23:30 #1109394973 by sarzy2
Replied by sarzy2 on topic Hiya!
Hi Marny,

thanks for that. I will let you know as soon as my Nat artwork is complete! :)

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