Greetings From USA (Wisconsin)

26 May 2013 01:52 #1109395028 by Jnett
Greetings From USA (Wisconsin) was created by Jnett
I am a recent new member, I've been exploring the sight on and off since a week ago. I've been a "Nat" fan for a long time but only recently discovered this wonderful website! I do love the "bad boy" rolls he plays as well as the Good. The first thing I remmeber seeing Nat in was one of Agatha Cristie"s Hercule Poirotepisodes adapted to TV.
"The Afair at the Victory Ball". Nat starts out seeming inocent eough but at the end things turnout to be quite different.

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27 May 2013 10:09 #1109395029 by sarzy2
Replied by sarzy2 on topic Greetings From USA (Wisconsin)
Hi there, I'm Sarah welcome to the forum. There's so much to see, read and absorb here it's a daily fix for me. :) x

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27 May 2013 12:32 #1109395030 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Greetings From USA (Wisconsin)
Hi Jnett,

and welcome on board. Hope you willfind lotsfor good stuff and friendly folks here. Anything you like to ask, just do. Hopefully I'll be able to help!

That Poirot ep was great, wasn't it? Always good fun watching a very young Nat. Did you already see Nat in that Inspector Morse thing or in A Touch Of Frost?



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