World Book Day 2014

23 Apr 2014 20:15 #1109395169 by Nenne
World Book Day 2014 was created by Nenne
Hope you've had a wonderful World Book Day! :cheer:

I set aside a full hour for reading, which hasn't been done for some time. I usually read for 10-15 minutes while travelling on the tube or bus and it was great to really sit down and READ!

It's one of those mysteries that opened the opportunity for this day, April 23. It's an important date for literature that UNESCO set it aside for celebration. The first time I heard of it was while working at a school (2005) with very engaged language teachers that even involved us science and math nerds to take part in the local event. Authors had seminars with our pupils and there were several workshops troughout the day. Since then I've been on the lookout for this day in the news and it's been very quiet until this year. (Btw my avatar is a result of one of those lookouts ;) .)

So the result of the day is that I've read a chunk of the latest Havers/Lynley mystery "Just One Evil Act". Wish I knew more Italian to fully get the points in this story. But I've know come to a point in the story where I see a turning point. Hope to read more tomorrow morning, as I'll try to get back to more regular reading sessions again.


"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D

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24 Apr 2014 07:05 #1109395170 by centaur
Replied by centaur on topic World Book Day 2014
Hi Nenne

The books, my favourite subject! Loved books all my life. Nowadays I`m lucky enough to live next door to a library and have always a pile of books on my bedside table. Nowadays I also have much time for reading.

I just finished the translation of "The Absolutist" by John Boyne, a young Irish author, very interestingly and beautifully written from the years of the First World War.
Elizabeth George isn`t on my favourite list.I only read one of The Inspector Lynley novels, "In Pursuit of The Proper Sinner". Her style is a bit too meandering and chattering to my liking.

I love many Swedish authors, for instance, Sven Delblanc, Vilhelm Moberg, Agneta Pleijel, Åke Edwardsson, Inger Frimansson and many others.
I usually read the books in translations, even from Swedish. Recently have to get used to English since no translation is available: of Louise Penny`s Gamache books only the first two have been translated into Finnish.

I noticed the World Book Day in our news, too. On the Internet I found that in UK the day has been celebrated as early as on the 6th of March.

Have a nice morning read

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