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Dear all,

this is a new forum which is meant for you to post questions for Nat. Please remember when posting that you have to be a registered user of this site. Since this topic is moderated for reviewing purposes, please do post a new topic right in this forum. The posts will then be reviewed before they will be visible in this topic. So please don't hit that submit button more than once - your message isn't meant to appear in an instant.

One more thing: I can not give any guarantees that Nat will ever answer your questions or that he will post here. Please take this into account when posting here and don't get frustrated with me or somebody else. This is an opportunity for you to try and ask the things that really do interest you and that might be interesting enough to be read by others.

Have fun!



P.S.: Criteria for acknowledging questions: I never allow the same question twice and there will be questions on display only - no additional texts.

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15 Jul 2005 04:05 #1109378190 by ArtzyJen
Replied by ArtzyJen on topic A few questions...
Hello Nat :)

1) What is the best advice you feel you could give to an actor, taking into account your own experiences in the business, on stage, television and film?

2) What has been your most physically or psychologically-demanding role so far?

3) How has your profession enriched your life?

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25 Jul 2005 09:51 #1109378263 by Solitaire
Replied by Solitaire on topic training
5) What classes would you advise a young person to try out as far as their secondary and university coursework in the realm of theater arts?
6) Do you think it's a good idea to let minors work in the acting business, or would you advise kids to finish university before making the audition rounds in the professional sphere?

Thanks for your time!

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31 Jul 2005 17:42 #1109378305 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic New question
7) How would you feel if your children want to have an acting career when they are grown up?

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12 Aug 2005 14:29 #1109378330 by Sina
Replied by Sina on topic radio/ audio work
Dear Nathaniel,

8) You returned to radio last year in 'The Tenth Man' after a few years absence. Was the prospect of the wide exposure from it being broadcast on the Internet and the BBC World Service a factor?

9) How difficult is it to ‘interact’ with fellow actors when you are just able to listen to them (whilst reading from the script), rather than using eye contact, facial expressions and other gestures?

10) The role of Taffy in 'One of The Family' must be one of your most 'unusual' roles. What ‘research’ did you do for it?! ;-)

11) ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ is such a joy to listen to. Was it the humour that appealed to you also, or the chance to use the whole spectrum of emotions?

12) Are there any more radio plays lined up for you to record?

13) One of your latest audiobooks is an abridged version of EG’s novel 'With No One as Witness' - an excellent job, btw! Were you worried about a possible ‘overkill’ when taking on this particular narration (with the popular IL series on TV)?

Thank you very much for spending your time!

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25 Sep 2005 15:10 #1109378585 by agatha
Replied by agatha on topic Italy
Ciao Nathaniel,
i am an Italian fan of yours. First of all i apologize for my english to you and to all user in this site. I admire Zeffirelli's films therefore i saw you for the first time in Hamlet. My question is very simple:

16) What are the places that you have visited in Italy?

Many grazie for your kind answer. Don't worry for your Italian pronunciation, i think that it is perfect!

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