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11 Nov 2005 21:20 #1109378778 by caroline
Replied by caroline on topic Question for Nat
Hello Nat:

29) You had mentioned "The Tenth Man" by Grahame Greene. If the movie is remade (or, for that matter, not remade) which character would you most like to play?


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27 Dec 2005 10:29 #1109378857 by muis
Replied by muis on topic Music
Hi Nat,

30) Your projects are often brought to even a higher level by the background music. What is your favourite composer or kind of music ?

Kind regards,

Margreeth (fan from The Netherlands)
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06 Jan 2006 10:49 #1109378879 by cilla
Replied by cilla on topic portraits?
Hi Nat :)

Me and some friends have this hobby to draw portraits of celebrities.
I know that some of them even send their works to the person they've painted.

My question is very simple:
30) Since you're a well known face, Have you ever got any "fan art"?

Kindest regards

Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.
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07 Jan 2006 14:03 #1109378882 by annchristin
Replied by annchristin on topic deaf theatre
Hi, Nat.

I'm deaf from the birth, and living in Sweden.

31) I wonder if You ever have seen the quite, signed theatre that is performed by deaf actors?

32 ) Have You ever meet any deaf actor/actriss?

33) If so, what you think about the different between the performance from the hearing ones and the deaf one?



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It isn\'t what I do, but how I do it. It isn\'t what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.
Mae West
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19 Jan 2006 15:51 #1109378928 by sweetlittlepixie
Replied by sweetlittlepixie on topic The Vision Thing and Dickens in America
Hello Nat

34. The review on the site for ‘The Vision Thing’ mentions a saucy cartoon of you by Gerald Scarfe – did you get to keep it?!

35. If you were given the chance to make a docu-travel programme in the style of ‘Dickens in America’, what journey would you like to take, either following in someone’s footsteps like Miriam Margolyes, or for another reason?

Thank you!


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20 Feb 2006 19:58 #1109379056 by Solitaire
Replied by Solitaire on topic Characters
36) As I've been watching "Bleak House," it's obvious that Mr. Skimpole is the ethical opposite of Thomas Lynley. Is it important to you to vary your roles as much as possible?
37) What draws you to a particular character in the first place?
38) Is the source material important or is it something that you believe you can do in your interpretation of the character?

Fullerton, California

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