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08 Sep 2007 01:16 #1109382515 by UNF
Replied by UNF on topic Question - Scars on Forehead
I'm just curious, but when and how did Mr. Parker get the two (very charming) scars on his forehead?
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12 Sep 2007 15:54 #1109382543 by Liz1
Replied by Liz1 on topic Equine Interests
Hi Nat,
Just wondered if you still own/have shares in any race horses? I remember watching the National when General Wolf made a very courageous run in a sea of mud. I'm sure he must have retired/gone to stud/gone to the great stable in the sky by now- are you involved with any other good horses worth looking out for?
I also wondered if you had ever had an embarassing situation on set with a horse that wouldn't do what you wanted or that decided to part company with you !
PS: Are film horses trained to rear up before galloping off into battle/ the sunset/the distance - they always seem to do it! Mine never does this but perhaps they like to make the most of the drama !
Clip Clop !
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20 Sep 2007 21:53 #1109382622 by subject
Replied by subject on topic Movies in USA
Since Katrina wiped out New Orleans, where a lot of movies were made, a lot of movies are bring made in north Louisiana (Bossier City & Sreveport) as well as east Texas (8 miles away). Would you consider making a movie there if u found a script you liked?:evil:
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