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  • honey
19 Jun 2005 16:55 #1109378142 by honey
Replied by honey on topic Question for Nat
My question is:

A) Do you think you will ever do theatre again??

B.) And if so what theatre production would you most want to do?

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20 Jun 2005 18:27 #1109378143 by Martina
Replied by Martina on topic a lot of questions
Dear Nat,

C) Could you tell us about your study time?

D) What do you prefer, Stanslasky, Strasberg or Adler as an actor`s influence?

E) Did you ever read Denis Diderot "Das Paradox über den Schauspieler"- "the actor´s paradox"?

F) What`s your alltime favorite movie?

G) What would be your favorite project in filming, if you'd have the choice?

H) If you were born with other life prospects - what would you do now (working for a living) ?


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21 Jun 2005 08:44 #1109378144 by sweetlittlepixie
Replied by sweetlittlepixie on topic Audiobooks
Hello Nat

I) What factors do you consider when deciding whether you want to record a book?

J) What preparation for the recordings do you find works best for you? (And at what point do you decide to use a particular voice/accent/interpretation?)

K) Have you used a voice coach for any of your voices/accents – or are you just a naturally brilliant mimic?!

L) How much input does the producer/director have, before and during the recording?

M) You’ve done such a wide variety of books... you must have some favourites?

N) Because you make them such ‘real’ people I have too many favourite characters to list here, but who are among your own personal favourites – and why?!

Thank you!

Pixie B)

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21 Jun 2005 18:04 #1109378145 by caroline
Replied by caroline on topic Question for Nat
Dear Nat: One Question!

O) What would you say is the easiest and/or most difficult medium to work in...stage, film or TV?

Thank you.

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21 Jun 2005 18:51 #1109378146 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic question
Dear Nat,

P) I enjoyed Othello and I would love to know if Anna and you are ever going to make another movie together.

Q) As I see you did a lot of costumedrama's like Vanity Fair. I just want to know why they ask you for that kind of films and why they don't ask you to do some "modern" films?

Many greetings from Debby

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