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Dear Nat

U) Which of the many audio-books / radio-plays you recorded would you favour to repeat in a movie?
V) The Inspector Lynley Mysteries is your first long-running TV series. What advantages does a TV series have for you as an actor?
W) Speaking about Lynley: What are the traits you like about him, what do you dislike about him?
X) If you were to write an IL script, which new aspects in life would you make him discover?
Y) Actors are often being mistaken for the characters they portray. What’s your take on this effect?
Z) What do you absolutely love when making a movie / TV-film and what do you absolutely dislike about it?
1) What's - in your opinion - the biggest unsolved mystery of all time?

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions,

Jessy (webmistress)

"I don't know. I need help. I'm sorry. And something else. [...] I forgot it."
~ Armand Gamache

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." A simplified version of Occam's razor.
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I hope I am responding on the right page and that it gets printed.
Pixie, well, what interesting questions. I am glad you like the books I have done. My father always thought it was some of my best work. Cheeky devil! I used to think, but it is actually about as challenging as it gets. What happens is this: I am asked if I have the days free. Obviously depending on the book the time factor varies. Far From The Madding Crowd took mejust under 5 days. That's quite a commitment when the pay is so poor. I have lost the opportunity to go for "proper" jobs because I have been recording, and that is a bit of a pain. Then I get the book sent and I try to read it as quickly and thoroughly as I can. Life doesn't always give the opportunity of reading a book twice, once come to think of it. I am generally prepared to do any book, whether for kids or grown up poetry, as you can probably tell by the varied mix of stuff I've done so far.As I go through the book I begin to make a list of people who appear. The central character, tends to have the voice closest to my own. This is not always possible, as with Artemis Fowl. After all, I am over 3 times older than him, and not Irish. Imake a thumbnail description of the people. All very simple, for example,"woman, 60, well educated, well off" and then try to see if there are later clues that can tell me if they have an accent rather than just character.
No voice coach has ever come on my radar before this week on my brother's film. I am playing an Italian and need to speak Italian or English with an accent. I can just about do both, particualry the latter, but it is Olly's film and woe betide me if I don't try my very hardest to get it right.
On the same front the producer who sits the other side of the glass in the tiny studios only really keeps me on the right lines. If there is an issue of an accent or mixture then they can be quite firm. That's great because I am best when I work with others rather than just solo.
As far as my favouites go, well Artemis has to up there, but also my very first was one of my best and favourites, David Copperfield. I don't usually like doing abridgements, but that was edited so well. I wept as I read the death of his love. Had to stop for a while and try again. That book had some great characters, but really difficult ones. The whole social spectrum in the most annoying (accent wise) parts of Britain. I loved doing that one.
In fact I love doing almost all of them. But possibly my favourite character to read is Butler in Artemis. Opal Koboi in his latest is my hardest, so I was really glad with the ending!
I hope that answers your question Pixie. Thank you for askin them
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There isn't really an easier medium. They all require two things in my opinion. The first is the acting part, which is believing what you're doing. The second is that all demand different muscles to be used. There is never enough time or money to do things as you really want to so comprimse and soultion finding are vital.
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I would love to work with Anna again. She taught me a lot when we did Othello. Just having her there would keep me on my toes. Unfortunately there are no plans at present. Maybe Olly's next movie, you never know.
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I have done a few costume dramas haven't I? I think that's the accent. There are always parts for my kind of voice in those shows. Unfortunately I don't usually get them, but as you say I have done my fair share. And I would love to do more. Theyare great fun as a genre.
When you say modern, I am a bit confused, because Lyney isn't exactly period! Maybe it comes across as that sometimes, but that's more his character than reality. Generally I have to be honest and say that as an actor it is my duty to accept any job where they'll have me. Well, not quite, but if the parts good...
Of course there is the more serious point that most modern stuff is filled with more regional accents nowadays and, although I am begging to do that kind of a part, I am not the first person who springs to mind when searching for a Yorkshire lad who spends his life fell running.
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Debbie, you are right. I had a tremendously fun time doing Haunted mnasion. There have been a couple of things that have wafted past, but my dilemma is that I have been too busy to follow up anything. Great in one way, to be working, but maybe I should put Lynley to bed and move on. It's a very difficult choice. I tend to think a bit like Michael Caine, that if they offer work, take it.
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