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Sharon, (now there's a familiar name) when I read a book I almost always want to play all of the characters. That's one of the reasons I read books onto tape so much.
If I really rubbed both brain cells together I think I would have to say..... I don't know I really don't. perhaps you could suggest something.
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There is a book I read onto tape some years ago by C Day Lewis call the The Beast must Die. He used his pen name, Nicholas Blake. There is a cracking thriller to be done on screen. I did briefly try writing a bit of a draft for the screenplay, but I need help doing that kind of thing and i never followed it through properly.
I must say that the Tenth Man by Graham Greene that we did on radio would make a gripping film too. It was actually made into a film, with a wonderful cast but it is a shadow of what it could be. I don't know why but it missed the mark. there is a gem there I think.
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