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Dear Honey,

Thanks very much for that question. I was actually scheduled to do a play at the beginning of this year, but unfortunately it wasn't quite right for me.
To be honest the concept of being away from my family EVERY night for however many months, not putting the kids to bed and being paid very little, was too much.
Also I do think that as wonderful as drama can be in the theatre, comedy is best live and drama is best up close, which usualy means seeing the faces of the actors up close, in other words screen.
A straight answer would be that, yes I would love to do more theatre, but ideally, it would be comedy, in a small space and not for too long.
As I said, good question.
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01 Jul 2005 00:31 #1109378154 by Lydia
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R) You’ve given two absolutely brilliant performances in film versions of Shakespeare’s plays - as Laertes in Hamlet and Casio in Othello. Do you enjoy performing Shakespeare and do you have any plans to bring any other Shakespearean characters to life?

Thank you very much.

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04 Jul 2005 12:08 #1109378155 by Myself
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Martina, What a lot of questions!
I can deal with the first three quite quickly. I studied at LAMDA for 3 years and follow the rather arrogant British trait of not continuing my studies at class. Of course alot of American actors I know do that and all credit to them. I suppose our arrogance is backed by a solid foundation of training when younger, which American actors don't always have the ability to do. On the American side, of course, we can touch on method acting. Actually I think of it as a a bit discriminating, rather like character acting. I feel we all have our own method and we are all acting characters. Just because I muck around on set a lot and do high kicks before a take, and play lead roles, doesn't mean that I am not employing my own method and playing a fully formed character.
I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greats, including "method actors" like Hoffman. His talent, his dedication and performance are beyond reproach and yet no more valid that someone who tips up at the last moment and says his lines and goes off again afterwards. As long as they both do the job. As Olivier used to say, "It's only acting, love."
Sorry, I thought that would be quite quick. I went on abit there didn't I?
Next question about my fav film. Very difficult that. There are so many fantastic ones that are my favourite type of film. Romauld et Juliette is probably my fav modern romantic film, Return of Martin Guerre, one of my fav historical films. Recently, obviously, Haunted Mansion was a massive work of art and importance that ranks up there with the greats.
Actually, my fav film is the next one I am going to do, usually.
My ideal job would probably be Shakespeare on film. The best words on my fav medium.
Finally, if I had to work for a living, a bit cheeky that bit!, I would probably have been somewhere in the financial world. A bit boring I know, but the world does revolve around money and it is important to figure out how it works. My other, much more exciting choice, would be something in the horse racing world. Either training or full time gambling. Perish the thought.
Thank you Martina for you questions and spending so much time composing them.
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Lydia, I have acyually just responded to another question about what would my favourite job be. I love to do Shakespeare on film. The very best words and my favourite medium. I tried to persuade the BBC to let me be in their upcoming seaon of new versions of Shakespeare, but to no avail. I would deaerly love to.
Those 2 films were a lot of fun to work on, particularly my brother's Othello, and somehow I would love to do more.
Thanks for asking.
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  • Debbie
06 Jul 2005 11:54 #1109378158 by Debbie
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Dear Nathaniel:

S) From what I understand, you had a very fun/enjoyable experience on the set of Haunted Mansion during its filming. Despite other projects/endeavors at your feet, will you ever consider doing another movie in America, and/or have there been offers at the present in regards to that?

Thank you, and take care.

Debbie :)

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11 Jul 2005 13:17 #1109378174 by harper
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Hi Nat,

T) Do you have a favourite character from a novel that you would love to bring to life on the stage or screen? Not counting Inspector Lynley, of course ;)


The duke had a mind that ticked like a clock and, like a clock, it regularly went cuckoo (Terry Pratchett --Wyrd Sisters)
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