Piracy: Ripping DVDs when m4vs aren't available?

16 Feb 2012 06:22 #1109394378 by LynnGwyneth
Dear Mr. Parker,

The popularity of sites like thepiratebay.se, and the ease of programs like Ripit and Handbrake make it easy for people to get content without paying for it.

I see this as illegal and (for example) bought a copy of Stardust on DVD for my TV and m4v for my iPod. I do this with all movies for which this is a choice.

But what is your opinion, as a performer who has to rely on royalties for income, on ripping DVDs for which there are no m4vs available? For example, the Inspector Lynley series is available on DVD, but if I want to watch on my iPod I have to rip the discs.

What do you think? If someone has purchased a new set of DVDs (full price) do you feel that gives him/her the "right" to make a "copy" for a portable device?

Personally, I think the whole industry will undergo a sea change in distribution and will eventually evolve to releasing movies in theaters, DVD, m4v all on the same day. People like the convenience of watching at home without having someone crunching popcorn next to them or talking on his cell phone or her texting like crazy.

Otherwise, I think piracy will kill off the movie industry. The huge internet backlash against the MPAA, SAG, and AFTRA sponsored SOPA and PIPA bills proves that to me. What sayeth thou?

πόλλ' οἶδ' ἀλώπηξ, ἐχῖνος δ'ἓν μέγα

Ἀρχίλοχος (c. 680 BC - c. 645 BC)

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