"The Mirror and the Light", our next rendez-vous with you ! (2021)

09 Aug 2021 16:43 #1109395355 by EVE95f
Dear Nathaniel,

In a few weeks you will be performing in "The Mirror and the Light", how do you apprehend this rendez-vous on stage?
Do you have a particular way of learning your text?
How do you prepare for it?
Do you have any apprehension, what is your current state of mind?
I know that you have habits before entering the stage, the performances follow one another, for you what is the success of a great evening? what do you feel in you?

Nathaniel, the most beautiful is to come! Strength and courage to you, you who love what you do, you give us a part of you.  See you soon...  Portez en vous mon Affection. Ev. / Paris

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