IL 4 In Divine Proportion

17 Mar 2005 20:36 #1109377879 by saskia
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Well I thought that was brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Tommy was far from wooden, in fact I thought it was very emotional. To make matters 100% even better for me was that another of my favourite people whom I've seen on stagbe was on there. Richard Armytage...Philip Turner .....the guy she'd been having the affair with, hes great on stage and was recently very good in the BBC drama North and South. He and Nat together...heaven. it me or is Nat looking a little bit older? Personally I think he does look a little more mature which makes him look even sexier. Love the jeans look, much more relaxed and please guys tell me>? I've never read the books do they eventuallly get together...cos the end of this was soooo moving and they just seem to 'gel' perfectly, in a more personal way now. I mean I think he loves her already in a platonic way, does anything ever happen or are they always just work partners? Maybe a relationship would spoil the friendship, maybe not. But hey this was one excellant episode. ...Lynley...alot of my friends don't like Inspector Lynley at all, I just tell them theyre mad. Well next week sounds cool too, set in Cornwall should be great. I was very grateful to the BBC for putting Richard Armytage in this weeks episode, 2 hunks for the price of one. Now I'm sure you've all got lots more to say...............

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17 Mar 2005 20:38 #1109377880 by webmistress
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OK first impressions:

Nat was looking great! (that's for starters). The show has a new intro, that seems to mark a new way of stroytelling. Camera usage is also very different, but fits the narration fine... Helen is mentioned, but the relationsship seems rocky to say the least.

What I liked about this episode was a strange calmness about it. The feeling both of Havers and Lynley are surpressed in their problems and emotions, not knowing what to expect from each other. Lynley is worried about Havers, much more than we would suspect. The last 15 minutes were sheer terror, as if a volcano exploded. Very strong emotional scenes to the end of that episode between Havers and Lynley. (I was somewhat worried that they would never ever get to talk about what happened to her in the last episode) Well they DO!

Great scenes in the last 15 minutes, very strong acting for both roles. NOT WOODEN AT ALL. And a very promising entree for the next epsiode. Maybe a bit too little going on in the plot for non IL viewers, but GOLD for me (background story was brilliant and nerve-wrecking).


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17 Mar 2005 20:58 #1109377881 by sweetlittlepixie
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First Impressions:

Really liked the new titles and music - sounds a promising investment for a 5th series..!

But I was disappointed with the very slow and plodding plot, especially for a first episode of a new series. If I hadn't been watching it for Nat, I honestly would have turned over.

None of the characters stood out (apart from Lynley and Havers obviously - and Richard Armitage!) and I found I just didn't care about most of them.

Rather cliched - another tragic victim escapes to Australia again...! And the scenes were far too long - it was only in the last 30 minutes that things began to move and I suddenly relaxed and thought "Ah the ILs we know and love at last"...


Nat's wardrobe has improved considerably from last year - love the jeans and grey suit - and no sign of that dreadful overcoat, thank heavens!

Very lovely warming and maturing of Lynley and Havers' relationship - I like that very much, and great to see Barbara stronger. You go gurl!


What will Barbara spent her measly £10,000 compensation on??

Why wasn't there enough of Richard Armitage?? (This question from my daughter..!)


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17 Mar 2005 21:14 #1109377882 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
My first impression was WOW. I loved it. I have to agree that i thought the plot was slow. All the action was in the last 15 minutes i must say. There was also a very touchy scene between Havers and Lynley that really made me cry (i am sorry i know i am a whimp) I thought Nat looked very good with. It looked to me that he got a bit thicker in his face. He's like good wine. the older the better. I loved the intro and the clip they mad for that. Now you can see who are the stars of the show. there was no sign of Helen except for a phone call Lynley made to he and did get her answering machine. It's good to see Havers and Lynley back in the cuontry side instead of London. Not that that's bad but i love to see the English country side and they showed a lot of it. It looked like they had a whole different approach for this season. they used a lot of different camera angles and lights. I hope i can write it all down for you jesse as a few things were very unclear to me, like the scene with Havers and this boy (forget his name at the moment) in the hospital. I am gald i taped it and i will work things out this weekend so you all get a (hopefully) good review.

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17 Mar 2005 21:45 #1109377883 by caroline
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Hi Lynley, Jessy, Saskia, SweetlittlePixie, Paddy, etc.

Thank you for the marvelous "teasers"! "In Divine Proportion" sounds....DIVINE! And yes, I am still hoping against hope that Lynley and Havers get together romantically...remember, I've stated that from Day One! Of course, the writers will determine all of it for us, but I will still hope for what others have said..."Not happening". Actually, Lynley and Havers have a great rapport and respect for one another, and thinking back on all of the Inspc. Lynley's that I have seen, it would just seem right that they would end up with each other. Alas, I perhaps am wrong.

And, perhaps PBS can "get with the programme" so to speak and begin showing the new Lynley series in the U.S.

Happy viewing everyone!

I'm green with envy...Caroline By the way, who IS that critic in London that writes Lynley is wooden. I'll take Nat with two wooden legs, thank you!!

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  • honey
17 Mar 2005 22:41 #1109377884 by honey
Replied by honey on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
Well I would love to add to this but since we here in the US don't get to see the show I can't say anything about it. But I can say that he did look good....a friend of mind who lives in England called me and took pictures from her digial camera of the tv and emailed them to me so I did get to see what he looks like in the show. Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to add a comment to this post. I was wondering what ever happen to Helen, did they say?? Is she and Lylney seperated at the moment??? Can't wait to see the show.. :(

HONEY, who didn't get to see IL

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