IL 4 In Divine Proportion

18 Mar 2005 04:10 #1109377885 by Lynley1962
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As far as i know Lynley and helen are still together. He was still wearing his wedding ring. I think that Helen is still with her sister (where she was going to in the last episode of last year). I must say that i didn't miss her at all.

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18 Mar 2005 10:16 #1109377886 by sweetlittlepixie
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Some extra thoughts: B)

I knew I'd seen the rather irritating pathologist before, as played by Sylvestra le Touzel.. she played alongside Nat in Vanity Fair as Rawdon's sister-in-law, Lady Jane Crawley.

The 'back story', as Nat calls it, of Lynley and Havers was very subtle but well done - e.g.when it's acknowledged that he, as the father, would be grieving too over the loss of his baby. And again, as Havers appears to be coping to the outside world, but how she really feels when on her own..

And the scene at the end when Barbara finally lets go and Lynley is able to comfort her - I thought that was excellent. Not rushed at all, but Sharon Small was able to give it a very realistic portrayal. I really like how her character has developed - she's turned from very prickly and resentful to one gutsy lady. Fantastic!

Lynley and Havers seem to be working much more together too, which is great. I like how their relationship is developing, without falling into the usual trap of them 'getting together'. What a yawn that would be and almost certain death for the series.

It think what is wrong in the over-long scenes, and generally with this episode, is that there's not much 'atmosphere', not enough extraneous sound or movement. Basically it was too quiet!

And some of the dialogue was very naff. (Frankly, I could have written better myself!) E.g. As if an inspector of Lynley's experience wouldn't know that bed sheets contain DNA! Do the scriptwriters think we, the audience, are that stupid too?!


What few villagers there were didn't seem to have any occupations, did they? They weren't 'going about their business'..

And I was confused with Billy's character. Was there any clue about him being a photographer or interested in art/maths? He seemed to be portrayed as a hoody-wearing, sulky hooligan - aged twenty-four.. :huh:


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18 Mar 2005 11:21 #1109377887 by saskia
Replied by saskia on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
Now guys I suppose I have to agree that it was slow and quiet...but it was in SUFFOLK, do any of you know suffolk???? its quiet and deathly slow, if any of you live in Suffolk, lucky you...its the last bastion of total rural life! but quiet...! We have a friend with a small country weekend house in Suffolk and it is so quiet that we can't sleep...we;re used to background noise! Know what you meant though. Now I quite like slow plodding stuff, I was a Morse addict and sometimes that could drag...according to non Morse fans.....not that IL is in Morse class it isnt. sorry but I have never believed it to be quite up to that standard.AND don't all attack me at once but I can sort of see where the critic at the London Evening Standard is coming from, you see ladies we're 'ladies' and we love Nat cos apart from being gorgeous he's emotional and tender etc., etc., don't you think alot of males wouldn't see that? they don't appreciate the deep introspectiveness of IL, he's just not your outgoing loud opinionated DI bursting with opinions, he's your deep, emotional, thoughtful gentleman that women adore but men just don't see.....we know that underneath theres smouldering passion ( says she hopefully!) to some men, my other half included he's wooden. So I sort of see what he means and that episode was a bit ploddy and predicatable, but LOVED it - then again i'm totally biased cos I've been a HUGE fanof Richard Armytage ever since I met him at the RSC hes GORGEOUS...honestly and has the most fantastic voice, really deep and sexy. So the fact that he was in it as well sort of helped it along for me. I actually like Sylvestra Le Trouzle (have I spelt it right) alot, seen her in loads of things over the years, she's another stage actress. Well folks in America, you'll love it I'm sure. As for Suffolk, next week its in Cornwall...again bit of a quiet slow place but not as quiet as Suffolk. I thought the photography was beautiful. Now if only Richard Armytage could be in that one too......OH MIGOD...Im in heaven, just had a peep at the synopsis for next weeks episode its set in the horse world and Nat gets to ride!!!!!! Whooppeeeeee!!! im a mad horsewoman, nearly all my life has been spent on the back of a horse, have never been without one and the one thing that I love to see Nat do is ride, cos he's terrific. Used to jump etc., but isn't allowed now cos of insurance. but next week we'll see him astride again. Sass is in Seventh Heaven!.

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18 Mar 2005 12:01 #1109377888 by saskia
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Some1 just emailed me asking about Richard Armitage and I deleted their email, then wondered how they got my email address does it show up on here? anyway never mind Richard Armitage is 33 and from Leicester. He isn't in the RSC just met him there at a 'do'. A friend of mine from Australia was in the Hallmark version of Cleopatra and so was Richard, I was introduced to him, lovely man and very handsome. Well over 6' and deep voice. Did a great tV drama here called Sparkhouse and was in Cold Feet. Thats about all I can tell you, except his major t.v. drama here was North and South, which did have a site. Don't know if it still has. Hope that helps and sorry Jessy for going off topic for a minute! Sass.

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18 Mar 2005 15:04 #1109377889 by paddy
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I wish I was Barbara...

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18 Mar 2005 15:15 #1109377890 by webmistress
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back from heaven, paddy? :) There's goin' to be more of that, ya know?


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