IL 4 In Divine Proportion

29 Mar 2005 18:13 #1109377949 by caroline
Replied by caroline on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
Hi all. Don't know if this missive belongs here, but noticed in the San Francisco Chron of Sunday last that the #1 best fictional book selling in the Bay Area is Elizabeth George's "The Last Witness" featuring our esteemed Inspec. Lynley and his partner Havers. Wow! Glad to see it! And by the way, Lynley and Havers are well known in this part of the world. Avid fans abound!


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  • Debbie
11 Apr 2005 13:22 #1109378012 by Debbie
Replied by Debbie on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
Hello to all.

Just received my "dose" of the first episode of season 4. Things, I feel, are really coming to fruition as far as us witnessing how Lynley and Havers are dealing with their personal tragedies/traumas in the recent past, and I like the way they are showing support and pride for one another here and there, but not to ad nauseam.

Nat looks so fabulous!!! I love that hair. It looks natural and casual, and I think it suits him. Definitely does not age him! My gal Havers looks great, too. I love the scenes when the two of them are traveling in the car and talking about the case at hand, because we are sure to hear bits and pieces of what one of them is feeling at the time, when prompted by the other, out of concern and caring. I like where their friendship/relationship is going, with no necessary relevant point as to if it stays platonic or not. These two, at this point due to Lynley's situation with Helen and Havers being shot and dealing with her history with her parents, need support, understanding, and affirmation right now, and I think they each know eachother best.

Show #1 had quite the climactic ending. I was so proud of Havers, and could just "feel" her release of tension after the events subsided and she had to break down, as it were.

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11 Apr 2005 16:48 #1109378013 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
I am glad you finally got to see this episode. I think that this one together with the last one were the best of this season. Yes Nat sure looks good here. I loved the casual look too and i hope they will continue that on Lynley. I also think that havers is better looking each season. She did a good job in this episode especially after what she had been through.

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14 Apr 2005 11:07 #1109378015 by harper
Replied by harper on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
This episode is probably my favourite one from season 4 - nice interplay between Havers and Lynley, and it kind of set the scene for the following episodes, which I feel showed Havers gradually growing stronger whilst Lynley was beginning to struggle with career and personal pressures.

Also loved Nat's more casual look, too :woohoo:

The duke had a mind that ticked like a clock and, like a clock, it regularly went cuckoo (Terry Pratchett --Wyrd Sisters)

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30 Jul 2005 05:46 #1109378299 by Ginny
Replied by Ginny on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion
I loved it when Tommy was comforting Barbara. It was such a lovely moment. I loved it when Havers tells Lynley about the compensation.

"It's my money"

"Sorry, yes"

Waiting for the call from beyond. Waiting for something with meaning to come through soon.

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03 Apr 2006 18:53 #1109379215 by Martina
Replied by Martina on topic Re:IL 4 In Divine Proportion

what can I say...what you LADIES before didn`t say....After a long time waiting Germany could see "In Devine Proportion" and it was overwellming.

Additionally to your words and thoughts I was impressed by the camerasstyle and the colors. Nat`s face on focus, hard and softly light like the emotions,
lights and shadows in pefect paintings, all these luciously colors- from yellow to brown, from green to was like a festival for the senses...and Nat was acting rounded, like the pefect dinner, it was just great. :woohoo:

Funny detail: I had to laugh because of the dog`s (from Richard A.) name called:

BISMARK, how german is this!!?!

Waiting for next sunday
a happy

There is no chance in life, everything is connected!

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