In the Guise of Death

28 Mar 2005 17:47 #1109377938 by Lynley1962
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Thanks for the info on this. I didn't know that Nat did showjumping but then i could have known seeing him in an early episode of Lynley on his horse. It was like the horse was dancing. I don't mind the horse gossip and if you find something abuot nat in these old magazines of yours please share it with us. It sounds like he was not only a fomous actor but a famous horseman aswell.

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28 Mar 2005 17:51 #1109377939 by webmistress
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anyone who's trying to abuse people in my forum will learn that "Garfield" has his way of fighting that, see his little teeth there? Just kidding.

Everything you said was very interesting and who knows, some might even try to see your fave sport from a different point of view. We do have hunting with horses, too. But we don't hunt living animals like foxes. They use a sort of bait here. I guess that's what's your fellow sportsmen in the UK are forced to use now, right? From what I see it is far more dangerous for the rider than the horse or the dogs that are involved with it. And I really don't want to know what it feels like to fall from a fast galloping horse for that matter - my deepest sympathy for anyone who's ever experienced that. My dear colleague has just had a fall, she wasn't looking happy to me. One of her friends had a serious accident, she came between a horse and a wall. Well, her face actually got smashed, she had four facial surgeries so far and it doesn't look as if she will ever completely recover from it.

Alright. This life is one of the most dangerous adventures I know. I like to swim, drowning isn't nice either....


"I don't know. I need help. I'm sorry. And something else. [...] I forgot it."
~ Armand Gamache

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." A simplified version of Occam's razor.

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28 Mar 2005 18:13 #1109377940 by saskia
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Hi Jessy, nice to know I won't be hung at dawn for having been a hunting person. Actually just over the past years I've been drag hunting which is following an aniseed trail, not quite as unpredictable but still good fun. Talking about your friend, today I've been very upset becasue just a few hours ago I got a call from my stables to say that our head girl (groom) Dolly (nickname cos she's so tiny) has had a terrible fall, the horse she was riding back from a hack got frightened by a car reared up and fell back on top of her! She was taken to hospital by air ambulance here in London and I'm just hoping she's okay. Anyone who isn't a horse rider, you can tell what a good seat Nat has (in more ways than one!!!) cos when he's on horseback you'll see his legs are 'wrapped round the horse' with his heels down and toes up. I do think his best riding is in Vanity Fair where he looks terrific, but also in Far from the Madding Crowd where we see him riding to help Batheshebas sheep, he's cantering downhill and still keeping his seat perfectly. Well tally ho and away I go!

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28 Mar 2005 18:18 #1109377941 by saskia
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just in case anyone wonders what in godsname I'm talkingabout. Your seat is the way you sit a horse, the correct posture on horseback. Keeping your seat is not as easy as you'd think, particularly going downhill. It always makes me smile when I see nat in jeans cos you can actually see hes ridden alot cos he has chunky strong legs like all the men i know who ride. Nothing worse than a weedy man in breeches (tee hee)

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  • honey
29 Mar 2005 14:01 #1109377944 by honey
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:) Ok I just saw this one too. I enjoyed the scenery Of course Nat looks wonderful on a horse. They should have showed more of that. I can see the relationship between Lynley and his mother is getting better. He just needs to learn to open up to her. He was afaird of what people would think about him and Helen. He looks good in Jeans but as we all know I prefer my men in suits....LOL!!! but wow he looks Wondeful. I like the hair better too, looks like he had some cut off before the second show, from the first one. Havers is learning some self defense that's great to see her doing that. She's not going to be afarid of anything here real soon. All in all I enjoyed the first show more then this one not alot of Lynley and Havers conversing together on this one. Lets see how the rest of the series goes. Looking forward to that. I like when Lynley shows he cares. Makes me cry!!


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29 Mar 2005 17:02 #1109377946 by paddy
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I've been thinking...Lynleys mother has had it pretty rough, this is the second time a friend of hers kills two people and then him/herself...
Hope that "lady keach" wasn't that good a friend...
She reminds me of my mum, reacts exactly the same way when a cell phone rings during diner!!!
Sorry to say girls I don't share the horse loving thing, no offence, but I'm not to keen on Nat in that funny helmet...probably all necessary, but not my thing. But of course, he still looks good, doesnt matter what he has on his head...
Anyone getting sad already, it's only two more to go.... :(
But let's stay positive..
Paddy ;)

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