The Seed of Cunning

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Hi magicom

and welcome to this forum. I so happy for you that you finally have the chance to watch IL4 over there. This episode was a bit unusual, because Havers ("Hi I'm Barbie") is a bit - well how shall I say it - not quite herself and Lynley doesn't get the baddie behind bars :side:

Maybe because of that some fans had the impression that it wasn't the best in this season. I liked the political sphere that was displayed and intrigue that was going on. But the next one, Word of God, is particularly well written and you are going to love it. I know you never do know what is right and wrong with 'em spoilers - some ultimately want to know everything in advance, some like to wait to watch it all without having too much knowledge. If you are interested in the episodes, you can read about them all here . But as I said: if you dislike spoilers - DON'T! And of course if you do read in this forum, you'll also get to stumble over hints and clues.

And yes, you should definitely watch the beginning - it's worth it. Btw. try and use - they are a lot cheaper than amazon and very reliable.



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30 Sep 2006 19:17 #1109379820 by magicom
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Wow! Thanks for the advice. I was looking at a Lynley Season 1-4 boxset on Amazon and it's, like, $135. I'll have to check out that Deep Discount site. I did see the last hour of the one before Seed of Cunning - with the horses and the fake Baroness who was friends with Lynley's mother. That made me want to watch the next one, which made me want to watch them ALL! :)

I don't like TOTAL spoilers, but I do like previews ... um, I'm a bit inconsistent, I suppose. So I haven't read the threads for any episodes I haven't seen, because I assume they go into detail about the episodes. But I saw a preview for Word Of God after last week's episode, and it looks excellent. I can't wait!

I'll have to come on here afterwards and see what everone else thought WAAAY back when it aired over there!


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26 Aug 2007 23:08 #1109382420 by ElizabethUSA8
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Hello to all the Lynley fans,

In the wake of knowing that BBC has cancelled Lynley, we are getting a repeat of this episode tonight, Aug. 26, 2007. They´re going to repeat "The Word of God" next week then go into the next series, I keep forgetting the numbering, since it varies! No word that I know of of the last two specials. I don´t know where this will appear in the forum, but, I am very sorry about the cancellation of Lynley. I think Nat and Sharon are wonderful. I shall miss them so much!
Love to all from San Diego, California

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26 Aug 2007 23:12 #1109382421 by angel61
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Well I will be watching tonight,e ven though I have seen it before.

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28 Sep 2007 14:36 #1109382674 by tigger
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Just saw this episode this week, and was impressed with the realistic ending. I didn't feel it was slow, but rather very subtle.

Anyway, poor Lynley -- on all counts! The dating service scenes were excruciating (I felt so sorry for Havers), and I really felt for Lynley that she just didn't wise up to the fact that he was clearly in need of some companionship in the evenings and was just too proud to ask her again... Sigh. Nobody should sample too much whiskey alone!

Having just watched A Class Apart in the past few days, I enjoyed seeing Roger Allam play the villain in both... Does he ever play anything else? Poor man! If he gets type-cast all the time but happens to be a very nice person in real life, will people ever believe his true personality?! (I think this must be one of the disadvantages of being a good actor.)

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29 Sep 2007 12:53 #1109382682 by Jumaolster
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well I mean, I never saw it that way. I just saw that Barbara was finally trying to socialize. Lynley didn't really invite her over for dinner when he was with Helen, did he? SO now why would she suddenly invite him? SHe's been single for all the time. It goes both ways.... :lol:

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