The Seed of Cunning

31 Mar 2005 20:46 #1109377975 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
I did enjoy tonights episode but i don't know who wrote the story. It was very slow and i wasn't very happy with the end. I think i have to see it again to get it but i think the stories aer going a bit downhill i must say. The first episode was brilliant but last weeks was slow but this one was worse. I think the BBC can do better than this. Why don't they show us some "private" things fro Havers and Lynley. All you see is a murder and then 2 people who try to solve it. I thought they could do better with Barbara's dates too. I don't want to be to negative but my first impression of this episode is not good. I was happy to see Nat again but again, the BBc could do better than this.

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31 Mar 2005 20:46 #1109377976 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
@Honey - right you are and I just fixed this mistake - HOW could I ever mix up titles? I must be out of my mind.

So here are first impressions

YES that was a "man in a suit" episode. I liked it although it didn't have quite the funny tone of last week's episode. There were some brilliant scenes between Havers and Lynley (yep, yet again) and there seems to be an interesting new lady for Lynley. Havers is trying to find a boyfriend through a dating agency - hilarious scenes here - and some very very nosy questions from Lynley regarding this. Wonder why he wonders?

The plot is far more complex than last week's. It sort of had a touch of JFK murder with a Lee Harvey Oswald lynching aspect to it. This is the first episode where we know what's been going on but the actual baddie isn't punished because our duo is unable to prove who triggered the crime. Very nice conflicts can be observed between Lynley and his peers.

Havers is really coming out, Lynley is still fighting his own feelings. He sort of tries to find all proves that Helen isn't the woman he thought she was... sort of crime solving going on here. I wonder, no I am sure we won't see her again in this season. Not too much going on in the background story, but nice to see that the scripts all in all seem to be able to focus on the crime plot as well as the background story.


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01 Apr 2005 05:35 #1109377977 by paddy
Replied by paddy on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
just a quick word before work: I do think Havers was a bit insensitive towards lynley, I got the feeling he really needed someone to talk to and is of course to proud to say so....she just walked of in the end..
But maybe this "Christine" is his answer to his problems..don't think so buy you never know.
Loved the scene with Barbara in front of the mirror: HI, I'm Barbie..... :laugh:
And I must say there was a bit of suspense, more than in other episodes. '
Have to go, nice weekend you all,

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  • honey
14 Apr 2005 12:51 #1109378016 by honey
Replied by honey on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
I enjoyed this one as well as the others, but found it to be a bit slow in points. I think it's good for Havers to finially get out in the world and do some dating, even if Lynley gets a bit jealous. But then yet I think Havers is a bit jealous of Christine. BUt what can I say A MAN IN A SUIT!!!! Lynley looked wonderful in his shirt and ties...lovely. So far this one I found to be my least favorite of the 4th. series.


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16 Aug 2005 13:39 #1109378346 by Ginny
Replied by Ginny on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
This episode is getting loads of repeated plays thanks to me :laugh:. I loved the scenes between Tommy and Barbara. Lynley's line "We can't keep your latest beau waiting, can we?" I felt was dripping with some jealousy.

I am dying to see the episode after but due to sport it has been postponed on the telly. :angry:

Waiting for the call from beyond. Waiting for something with meaning to come through soon.

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29 Sep 2006 13:26 #1109379812 by magicom
Replied by magicom on topic Re:The Seed of Cunning
I live in Canada, and not only have I just seen this episode for the first time (on PBS from the States), but it's the first episode of Lynley I've seen all the way through EVER :ohmy: I've managed to catch the ends of a few episodes, and I thought it looked good, but I didn't really know what was going on - just that the actor who played Lynley was Laertes from Gibson's Hamlet, which I really, really, really liked him in!

I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode. I've been reading through the comments on it, and it seems people didn't like it as much as other episodes, so I'm now VERY excited to get caught up, if it gets even better!

The Word Of God is airing this coming week. I'm not reading any spoilers because the preview looked fantastic and I want to be surprised as much as possible.

I have to say, I think Lynley and Havers are a great team. They play off of each other very well. I have to get me some earlier episodes off Amazon. I'd love to see how they interact when they're first paired up.


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