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08 Jul 2006 10:06 #1109379593 by Ginny
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paddy wrote:

Hi all,
long time no see. I CANNOT believe it, lynely on the 7th of july....I have been waiting for a year and a half I think, and I can see the first one, but if the next episodes are shown the weeks after, I'll be on a lot of people I think. Very bad timing for such a good series. But, looking forward to the first one, and then tape the rest....

I'm still waiting for the last episode of series four.

Waiting for the call from beyond. Waiting for something with meaning to come through soon.

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20 Jul 2006 20:30 #1109379637 by webmistress
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OK so this is it, at least hopefully some more folks in the UK had the chance to watch IL 5 / 1 tonight. I do hope that it will be on quite soon in other countries as well. As we all have noticed there’s been a lot of delays, strange premieres surrounding this season’s start – including the usual absence of any serious form of PR from the BBC for this season so far. Ah and let’s not forget ‘em British cross-grained critics, I have missed them actually. Good to know that there are certain constants in life one can rely on. OK enough of that now, back to the basics and the fun of it all. ;)

What I can say about this episode is that I liked the freshness about it. The return of Helen is a happy sight to see. The third Helen has the good luck to have a more gentle side to show in the news scripts - a very smooth entrée and hopefully a more relaxed and happy love-life for Lynley this time around. She reminds me of the first Helen we saw years ago – I like her style.

Of course Lynley’s life is a mess at the moment, but as we will get to see, things start to get sorted out and he finally seems to notice where his own powers end. More than ever, Lynley has to rely on other people. Well actually not strangers but the ones he feels quite attached to – maybe that’s even worse for him than the other way around. This is one of the things he hates the most: He has his dear problems with letting things just happen – he always did. And he likes to think that he’s invulnerable – bad luck no-one is. I am temped to say that Lynley finally loses his halo. Time to realize that he actually can’t be the master of his fate all on his own – surprisingly enough he seems to swallow this “jagged little pill” without getting hick-ups. And because he does, he succeeds in winning Helen and his job back. Let’s wait and see how long this episode of enlightenment will last. :blink:

Havers on the other hand has been pushed around a bit and finally finds a new DI with whom she basically is able to get along with (now that’s something for her, right). She isn’t unhappy but she seems to miss Lynley a great deal. He tries to go through what she has to say in her hearing in his case and what not to say and she refuses. Havers insists to “tell the truth”. Something Lynley isn’t too comfortable with to say the least. In the end he will have to trust her completely. Havers is more relaxes and self-assured, kitten there’s no reason not to be – way to go!!! B)

One of the aspects I always found to be quite interesting was the psychological background for the leading roles. And guess what: Lynley is on the couch this time…nope for real! Lynley’s character faults are being displayed without really tearing off his last retreat. He was always very much in control, especially when it came to the women in his life. Here he finds himself exposed to their kindness and understanding. He’s done certain things very wrong and he comes to realize it. Now this all sounds quite serious, which as I might not haven't mentioned isn’t the case at all. All is in a very twinkle-toed and fun to watch. :P

Naturally there are a lot of long-time running gags involved like Helen’s inability to cook, Lynley obsession with his Bristol, Havers’ relentless need for independence, Lafferty’s poetic citations when he examines his corpses – all routines we love. These elements go through the whole length of this episode, always leaving a light tone and a “welcome back feeling” for the fans of IL. I’m not too sure that the rest of the audience will actually comprehend all the allusions that are being present in every scene. But for the rest of us it’s pure fun. To put it in a nutshell, this starter episode was a sort best-of-all-ideas-we-have-ever-developed- who-cares-about-the-murder-case. :woohoo:

Not to mention the hairdos - how could I forget – but that’s something com-ple-tell-ly different. :silly:



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20 Jul 2006 20:34 #1109379638 by Martina
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First to leave the talk of Nat`s hair behind.....yes it`s long, but we all know why, because of doing "Fade to black". For myself it looks nice and romantic and looks the part on the new Lynley.

This one has changed, physical and mental. The 5th series starts with a disciplinary hearing(remember the last episode) for D.J.Lynley and ends with a happy end.

Between this we have the story. Like the other Lynley Mysteries the focal point, the crime/detective story is non relevant. It´s the relationship and harmonisation between Havers and Lynley. This time Havers is on the ball. She gets a new boss, a resolute but pregnant Lady, warm, funny and with sympathy for Havers. But Lynley can`t keep his hands on the case (a woman is found drown in a see and we have some suspects), and brings some trouble for Havers.
His formerly BEEING THE D.J. disappears and he is only a helping and relax assistant. Both winning chemestry created some of the most tender moments in the series, when Havers new boss allows her to arrange her own team and Lynley follows her instructions with "yes mam" with a big smile on his face, happy to be with her.

Lynley and Havers don`t really seem to take themselves seriously, the slogans are allusive on/to other Lynley Misteries episodes.

This applies for Helen, too. She comes in the series again, waiting for her husband in front of the court. She is friendly, warm and has always a true ad honest smile on her face, when she is in contact .Both have their running gags, especially of Helen`s cooking and Tommy`s car. When both fall again in love we know it was a hard way for Lynley to get there.

While he looks for the(case) background he discovers that his character tract and the denial of this could be the reason for his relationship`s failure.
( he has a compulsions to control).

This episode made fun, because they (the actors) make the audience care, laugh and think about their characters.

We saw an easy going Nat (cute, this pullover like in The bedtime stories, BBC)Havers getting more place and Helen is coming back.

Of course this is not an Emmy winning story, but the heck with it, I HAD FUN!!!!!!!



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06 Feb 2007 04:46 #1109380633 by Auriga
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I FINALLY got to see this eppy and so far I think it's the funniest one I've seen yet. I absolutely loved the banter between Helen and Lynley when they were drinking champagne. And when Havers spouted off that his session tape would make a few quid around the station, I bust out laughing.

On to One Guilty Deed..

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09 Apr 2007 11:11 #1109381136 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re:Natural Causes *spoilers*
Hello, :)
I’ve seen IL5/1 yesterday evening. Happy to see IL and Havers again. Before seeing I’ve watched IL 4/4 again. :S Perhaps this was a fault, because the new film seems quite different. In my opinion he (IL) was not unhappy enough in comparison with the previous films. But it was nice to see an IL who is not as unhappy as before. ;) The new Helen I like much more than the Helen in the film before but most I like the first Helen.
Unattached from IL4 I think I like IL5/1. I look forward to IL5/2 next Sunday. :silly:

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09 Apr 2007 19:19 #1109381138 by loujac7
Replied by loujac7 on topic Re:Natural Causes *spoilers*
I agree Inspector:

I liked the very first Helen in "A Great Deliverance" the best too. The second Helen seem as if she had some emotional issues. She was hardly ever cheerful. Can you imagine Inspector Lynley wanting to be with you and you are depressed? :huh:


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