Natural Causes *spoilers*

09 Apr 2007 20:07 #1109381139 by inspector
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I cannot imagine IL wants to be with me. But if I could I couldn’t imagine being depressed.
Fine to have a new Helen!

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10 Apr 2007 06:28 #1109381144 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:Natural Causes *spoilers*
Hi Louise!
The truth, I cannot imagine to be side of the Inspector Linley and to be depressed. Sure that if presented my former husband :S then if would be depressed:unsure: . But to side of the Thomas Lynley, I would give leaps of emotion, like an acrobat. :woohoo:
Now in serious, already it was sufficient hard to lose al baby, as later to have that to suffer the abandonment of its wife. I do not have as much luck as you that you have seen the fifth season, I have to wait for that bandage it on the Internet, Amazon does not yet have it. But it is happy myself the comments that you like the new one Helen, I am anxious to see the new episodes.

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12 Apr 2007 03:58 #1109381174 by Jillian
Replied by Jillian on topic Re:Natural Causes *spoilers*
Well, what can I say. This Helen is an improvement. However, I really could not believe that they were in love with eachother. This Helen had an edge to her that was not very appealing. Lynley seemed as if he was walking on eggshells around her. To be honest there was not a romance feeling between them. At best it was a friendship, if that is what you want to call it. They reminded me of a square peg and a round hole trying to fit together. In the end it was a relief that it ended the way it did.


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03 May 2007 14:09 #1109381324 by webmistress
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Dear all,

I only just realized that this epi will be broadcast on an Australian TV station. Here's what it says:

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Natural Causes
8.35pm | Seven
Lynley is suspended from duty awaiting the outcome of his disciplinary hearing. Havers is working with another Detective Inspector, Fiona Knight, investigating a woman drowned in her car. The prime suspects are the woman's husband or boyfriend, until Havers persuades Lynley to take an interest in the case."

Hopefully some of our friends from down-under will be able to watch it!!!



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06 May 2007 11:19 #1109381362 by Ginny
Replied by Ginny on topic Re: IL5
The episode aired on Australian TV last night. I thought that it was a fantastic episode. This may sound lame or odd but I felt that Tommy, Barbara and Helen have grown as characters.

Waiting for the call from beyond. Waiting for something with meaning to come through soon.

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06 May 2007 15:35 #1109381363 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re: IL5

I like this EP too and I have seen it last night again. Yes I think you are right.

It seems to me, that BH's character proximate more and more to IL's, during his comes nearer to BH's. What do you think?

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