Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***

07 Jun 2007 17:35 #1109381628 by janeybee
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arg......nat said end of june in his last message but still nothing from the beeb. i hope they don't keep us waiting like last year **shudders at the memory**

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07 Jun 2007 20:06 #1109381630 by Auriga
Replied by Auriga on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
You could be like us in the US who haven't officially seen last season.. *sigh*

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11 Jun 2007 16:43 #1109381656 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Dear all

So I've seen Limbo right now and I must say that I'm still very much under the impression of it. Very much darker than the other ILs I've seen so far. Our hero has loads of problems on his hands this time. He's very desperate and really needs the help of his friends.

Funny enough this time around Lafferty seems to be the one who actually does the job. Very fine acting, Nat as I've never seen him before in all of Lynley's grief and fear. Samantha Bond so very heartbreaking as a desperate mom. As I indicated a very dark episode with Lynley making a big mistake right in the beginning. Havers is almost unable to help him, because he seems to push her away, but then when he's in really deep trouble he let's her do her job.

I won't give too much away here, because Ginny wants to do her review. This is a very different Lynley Mysteries, so be prepared for some surprises. For all who have a user, please have a first glance at some stills.



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11 Jun 2007 20:24 #1109381657 by Fantines
Replied by Fantines on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Hi :(

It's not fair I'm going to [color=#FF0000]scream and scream [/color]why can't we have IL6 over here in Britian.

I suppose all good things come to those who wait.

UKTV drama is showing IL all week so Iwill still get my fix.

Linda :)

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12 Jun 2007 19:57 #1109381661 by Auriga
Replied by Auriga on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
One good thing about working in the music industry, bands come from EVERY corner of the earth and I have contacts everywhere, including the great country of Australia.

:woohoo: *jumping :cheer: up and :silly: down* :woohoo:

My dvd is in the mail. And I've been promised another dvd the following week. Hurry up Mr. Postman..


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12 Jun 2007 23:39 #1109381662 by TAG
Replied by TAG on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
UK TV Drama is showing ILM Series 3 (UK) this week - for those at home durig the day, check the whole day's listings as it's sometimes aired in the early afternoon as well as in the evening.

Then next week (18th onwards) UK TV Drama have ILM Series 2 (UK) back on the 'Crime at 9' slot.

Odd scheduling choices, what with the (hopefully) imminent release of Series 2 coming out on DVD in the UK....

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