Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***

12 Jun 2008 18:45 - 12 Jun 2008 18:46 #1109384506 by Jolleke
Replied by Jolleke on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Yeah, and I recieved the Veronica Magazine yesterday and yep..monday indeed KTE.....

(ook dan weer leuk om te kijken)
(again, I will enjoy myself watching....;) )
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13 Jun 2008 14:12 #1109384512 by Medodrome
Replied by Medodrome on topic Re:Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Hi Jolleke,

Yep! me too!
I saw NTE a few times earlier, but I'll still enjoy it!
It's more important than the football, I think.

Have a wonderfull evening!

groetjes, Erika

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24 Nov 2012 13:03 #1109394898 by Martina2
Replied by Martina2 on topic Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Limbo-definitely my favourite Lynley aswell.
It´s so full of emotions. All kind of feelings in it. Deperating and insensibility, Loyalty, awakening and passion, fighting and defence, winning and loosing and lots more.
This episode shows Nats versatility very well and Limbo was the one when I fell in love :blush:

So much good, so much evil. Just add water.
―Markus Zusak,The Book Thief-

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23 May 2020 04:24 #1109395304 by sydneydeb
Replied by sydneydeb on topic Limbo (IL 6/1) ***spoilers***
Limbo is on tele here in Australia on Monday night (25 May 2020), I'm looking forward to it, I've read good things about the episode, just very sad it's the second last one :(

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