Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***

18 Aug 2008 06:05 #1109385209 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***
Hi everyone!
Unfortunately cases like this from the movie, happen every day anywhere in the world.
It is therefore not precisely this episode refers to a specific case. Here in Spain as the events of the story, invade the news from newspapers and TV. The last episode of Lynley is very well led and managed.
If you want to spend real horror, they need only watch the news from Spanish TV, and you will realize that "reality surpasses fiction", here in Spain events occur daily, leaving the miscreants from any number of detective, as if they were beginners.
Many greetings.
Amparo from Spain.

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18 Aug 2008 17:04 #1109385211 by Pitzel
Replied by Pitzel on topic Re:Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***
Hi Everyone from Maryland (USA)
I was able to view the last Lynley yesterday and I must agree with everyone here that it was the best plot line of all the stories. However it was not the usual cozy (murder in rural area) that Elizabeth George wrote about. Actually since the last two Lynleys were not based on a particular book that Elizabeth George has written, they were able to give the episodes a more realistic look. I believe that the characters of the Lynley and Havers took on a life of their own and surpassed the characters written by George. Bravo to Nat and Sharon and a sad farewell to a promising future of more relevant episodes of ILM. Just my opinion.
PS (Weeks and D'Arcy were great as the psycho couple.)

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18 Aug 2008 17:08 #1109385213 by ElizabethUSA8
Replied by ElizabethUSA8 on topic Re:Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***
Hi everybody,

I'm not sure where to put my comments, but we saw the last episode last night here in the US. (8/17/08) I felt very sad that it was the end. The commentator kept telling us in ads that "the last Inspector Lynley Mystery" was going to be on that night. I miss Nat and Sharon already! But they are also re-running series 4 or 5, where Sharon was shot, and then returned. I always get the Seasons' numbers wrong. Nat, you're wonderful, and I will be watching everything of yours I can.
Elizabeth, San Diego, California

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18 Aug 2008 17:15 #1109385214 by ElizabethUSA8
Replied by ElizabethUSA8 on topic Re:Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***
Hi again,
I just read Pitzel's comments and other comments. I agree that Nat's and Sharon's characters took on a life of their own. And I agree that they didn't make this a cozy story. I missed the chemistry between the two of them, Nat always had somebody else with him, or so it seemed! Of course they didn't know it was the end. Nat himself has said he regretted they couldn't do a proper end to the series.
I prefer the earlier stories with Nat and Sharon getting close. It's too bad Elizabeth George didn't want them to "get together." (I read that in an interview with her.) My humble opinion is that the BBC didn't want to go on having to follow the writer's wishes for the characters and her limitations. And who knows what else she wanted?
So at least in our minds we have the memory of these two wonderful characters as very, very:) :( B) :) close friends.
Elizabeth G., San Diego, California

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21 Nov 2012 18:26 #1109394895 by Martina2
Replied by Martina2 on topic Know Thine Enemy (IL 6/2) ***spoilers***
There was the last episode of Inspector Lynley Mysteries this week on german tv (again).

If the end for the series was unavoidable (why ??? :( ) I think it was quite "fair" ending , leaving us with a very "normal life". Not with a thrilling open end.
It would have been too sad with "In The Blink Of An Eye". Or too disappointing with "Limbo".

In "Know Thine Enemy" our hero came back to life and work. The crimes are cruel and murders got to be caught in jail . Reading between the lines, there might have been the message "things are not always as they suppose to be" and if you think wise and properly you will archieve your aims .

And ... did you realize: it was the first time Lynley said his name is "Thomas" when he were asked for it. (He used to say Tommy) Wasn´t it??

So much good, so much evil. Just add water.
―Markus Zusak,The Book Thief-

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