What are the beeb doing now

12 Aug 2007 09:18 #1109382294 by Fantines
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Hi Tag

The inspection is run by OFSTED and ESTYN schools inspectors,even though we are training centre we still have to be inspected :( . I'll be glad when it's wednesday it will all be over and I'll be in London to see the Sound of Music. :)

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12 Aug 2007 12:20 #1109382295 by TAG
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Pheww - lucky then that it's not my fault, as that's not my Department. Best of luck with the OFSTED - friends of mine have often had to go thru that whole inquisition. It's a pity they don't allow the time spent on complying with what is basically an annoying audit, instead of actually spending it on renovating and redecorating school property. But when did common sense ever come into it... :huh:

But it does sound like Wednesday will be a fantastic reward for all your hard work - my very best wishes to you :)

Keep safe,

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