18 Oct 2007 06:58 #1109382781 by Amparo
IL 5 DVD was created by Amparo
Hello to all! :)
Yesterday I received in my mail the IL5 in DVD:woohoo: .
I tested it immediately and my DVD player reproduced it perfectly:cheer: . It had doubts if would be able to visualize it for the theme that in amazon says of the codification of the region 1. Up to now I have had a lot of luck and all the seasons of Lynley that I have bought I have been able to reproduce them perfectly.
I am very happy.:cheer:
I expect that the remainder of fans that have it bought also they have had as much luck as I. ;)
Many greetings.

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20 Oct 2007 14:38 #1109382793 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:IL 5 DVD
Hi amparo

yep got mine last week as well, I didn't check the region thing, which I will do right now. I read on the sleeve that it should be region one encoded exclusively. Wait let me have a peek... :pinch:

Yes they are indeed encoded in region one, like season four. :( The other series that were distributed in the USA were all region zero, meaning no region enconding at all. :woohoo:

So amparo seems as if you've got a region free DVD player. Congrats! But please keep in mind once you buy a new one: you definitely need to get a region free one or at least one that can be switched to region free, so you can keep enjoying your US stuff. ;)



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20 Oct 2007 21:50 #1109382796 by Amparo
Replied by Amparo on topic Re:IL 5 DVD
Hi Jessi! :)
Thanks by your recommendations, I will keep in mind them.
But I have the sensation also that I am in a region free DVD player,;) because I have bought many DVD in amazon of movies in English and some American north and always I have been able to see them. I expect that my luck continue.
Thank you so much for all. :cheer:
Many greetings.

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