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27 Jan 2008 17:41 #1109383537 by frederica74
IL6 on BBC was created by frederica74
Read yesterday that IL6 will be shown mid Feb on the beeb. It was in answer to a question at the bottom of a letters page in the back of a TV listings magazine. Not sure if it was the Sun or the Mirror though, not my paper sorry !! Hope it's true.:cheer:

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27 Jan 2008 17:52 #1109383538 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:IL6 on BBC
Hi Frederica74...

...and welcome here. :) Hope this thing will finally be shown in the UK to a wider audience than some on-demand-service. :S I've checked everything and so far no confirmed broadcast dates for BBC and IL6. Maybe The Sun knows more than all the other papers ;) Not exactly a reason for changing your reading habits... Thanks for your info and hope to hear more from you!



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