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03 Dec 2008 17:11 #1109386166 by K11suisse
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she wrote a new lynley novel... maybe BBC will filming this with Nat and sharon. I hope so....

In her most eagerly anticipated novel yet, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George brings back Scotland Yard’s Thomas Lynley to investigate a ruthless crime.

Scotland Yard’s Thomas Lynley returns to investigate what may be a perfect crime.

After the senseless murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley turned in his badge and walked away from Scotland Yard. Returning to his home in Cornwall, he has spent weeks hiking the cliff-side trails of the Cornish coast, trying to cope with the painful memories associated with her loss.

But the past will not let go. On a lonely stretch of coastline, Lynley discovers the body of a young man. Thus begins a quest to unmask a clever and ruthless murderer. But this time, Lynley’s not in charge. He’s a witness—and possibly even a suspect. The local detective leading the investigation soon figures out that Lynley can help. So can his former associate Barbara Havers, whom Scotland Yard sends to Cornwall, ostensibly to assist in the investigation, but unofficially to check up on Lynley and possibly win him back to the Yard.

I\\'m happy to be here!!!!

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04 Dec 2008 01:57 #1109386177 by Skylark
Replied by Skylark on topic Re:Elizabeth George's site
Dear K11suisse,
I would love to see this story come to life with Nat and Sharon as Lynley and Havers. If only the BBC would listen to the fans and give us more episodes of Inspector Lynley.
Sincerely, Skylark

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04 Dec 2008 04:23 #1109386178 by Auriga
Replied by Auriga on topic Re:Elizabeth George's site
It would be wonderful if they would do one show a year, like a movie..

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08 Jan 2009 17:19 #1109386504 by DRae
Replied by DRae on topic Careless in Red
Hi everyone,

I also would like to see Careless in Red done as a TV movie. I always felt that Lynley had a lot of issues left unresolved at the end of the last season. Even though the books and television series took separate ways in which Helen is killed, the conflicts remain. His anger issue is really affecting his ability to do his job. He needs to stop hitting and choking people, even if they do deserve it. Careless in Red deals with one of the ways Lynley is able to heal himself. And, I really do like the ending.
As for the new book Elizabeth George is working on.....
I also hope that the new boss isn't the horrible Emily Barlow. I have to admit the book DEception on his Mind that parallels the TV show is one of my favorites and Lynley isn't even in it. He is on his honeymoon and stays there. One thing I missed on the Lynley TV series is the Simon St. James character. He only appears in the first film. Of course, as with the Helen character it would be hard to keep an actor on contract for an occasional cameo role. I felt like the 1st Helen was closer to my perception of her than the other two.
It just seems that Simon and his injury is key Lynley's character development. Actually, if I had been casting a Simon character, I might have chosen Nat Parker to play that role...especially as he looked in about the third season where he was really too thin and had really bad hair...but then who would play Lynley. I can't think of anyone.
Donna Rae:unsure:

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