Final Episodes of Lynley

10 Aug 2008 02:51 #1109385132 by Skylark
Final Episodes of Lynley was created by Skylark
They have finally scheduled the seventh
season of Inspector Lynley on Sunday, August 10th on WOSU channel in my area. I've been eager to see them yet equally sad to know that these will be the final episodes . I feel like I'm saying farewell to old friends .Thanks again to Nat and Sharon for making Lynley and Havers so real to us.
Sincerely, Skylark
Ohio, USA

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10 Aug 2008 22:33 #1109385139 by Stardust12706
Replied by Stardust12706 on topic Re:Final Episodes of Lynley
Hi Skylark,

Same here in Pennsylvania. It's so sad to see it going! :( I hope that both Nat and Sharon had a wonderful time filming this fantastic series, and it will never be forgotten.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries" forever! :laugh:


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25 Jul 2010 19:36 #1109391827 by Mai
Replied by Mai on topic Re:Final Episodes of Lynley
Holy cow, we're far behind here in my country - I think they started showing some episodes here last year, but we only got shown the whole series in the correct order and with all episodes (incl. the last 2) this year. Come to think of it, it's only a month or two ago that they showed us the last two episodes for the first time ..

But they buy and show all new Midsomer Murders as soon as they can get their hands on them - well, it's two different channels, but still ..

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25 Jul 2010 20:03 - 25 Jul 2010 20:04 #1109391828 by Nenne
Replied by Nenne on topic Re:Final Episodes of Lynley
Hi again, Mai,

We in Sweden were lucky then. SVT showed the Lynley series pretty early on. We saw them over the Christmas holidays for a number of years. A weird Christmas when the series ended. And last year I got hold of the series on DVD.

Now I've noticed some of the commercial channels broadcast Lynley again but as I already have the DVDs it's no problem.

What I miss this summer is Danish TV here in Halland. As Swedish and Danish TV don't use the same digital broadcasting systems we can no longer receive your programs. Shame, since I found some real treats; Bergerac, Lovejoy and several others.

And don't let us forget 'Mordkommissionen' (Unit 1) with Mads Mikkelsen. (Sorry, can't remember the Danish title). What a super series! And good practise of Danish!!! For a while Thursday nights were made clear of everything else... lol

Well, its beyond bedtime for the kids, so I better set a good example and sign out. Hope to hear more from you!


"My love, I would love to come with you but you must first build me a palace" :D
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25 Jul 2010 20:58 - 25 Jul 2010 21:01 #1109391830 by Mai
Replied by Mai on topic Re:Final Episodes of Lynley
Hi Nenne,

yes, I noticed that - because I watched almost all the episodes on SVT long before our TV2 bought them ;) And then BBC Entertainment showed some of them, but their scheduling was pretty hard to figure out, so I waited until they were rerun this spring/summer on TV2.

Oh yes, I've been enjoying a young John Nettles in Bergerac, too, and I used to love Lovejoy when they first showed it here, in the late 80es/early 90es, I think. This time around it somehow didn't appeal to me at all. Before they reran Bergerac, they showed all the old episodes of Taggart :kiss: And later on the newer ones (the ones after McManus had died). Now they're showing the newest ones, but I don't like the new cast, so haven't been watching those at all ..

It's called Rejseholdet in Danish - the best series to ever come from our little country. They started showing it on Sunday nights, and I swear, the streets were completely empty while it ran. Maybe once in a while you'd see someone rushing by, looking at their watch, trying to get home in time :lol: They had the best ratings ever! I noticed that they are rerunning them on a Swedish channel, I think it was TV4 plus?

Well, then good night and sleep well :) I think I'll keep reading up on all the topics for a few hours B)
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27 Jul 2010 09:23 #1109391859 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:Final Episodes of Lynley
On the BBC overseas channel, they repeat broadcasts until the end of Series 5 and never, ever show Series 6. I'm really annoyed and irritated: they repeat Hotel Babylon and other light stuff ad nauseatum, but not the last Lynley episodes. Grrrrrr! Surely they're not still harping on about the similarity to the case of the missing little girl?


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