11 Aug 2008 12:02 #1109385143 by daychooch1b
ILM was created by daychooch1b
:( If ITV picked up ILM, would Nathaniel and Sharon consider reprising their roles. ITV has done this before with Adam Dagliesch.

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12 Aug 2008 14:30 #1109385169 by tigger
Replied by tigger on topic Re:ILM
Did they? That's interesting. I have a feeling that it sometimes comes down to 'broadcasting politics' with these things.

In general, the BBC seems to have shown scant respect for all the people involved in bringing us 6 brilliant seasons of ILM -- not only Nat and Sharon, who are both brilliant, but everyone else in both cast and crew.

I simply can't understand it, as it's such an interesting and classy series.

It's obvious, too, from their obvious reluctance to issue Region 2 DVDs of the series in the UK. Mad... insulting... infuriating.

Go figure!


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