the campaign to keep Lynley series alive

11 Aug 2008 15:00 #1109385144 by ellefagan
the campaign to keep Lynley series alive was created by ellefagan
I signed the petition to continue the series , but does Mr.Parker WANT to continue the series?
Some actors enjoy long runs, but others find that they prefer to go on to other things.

Whichever the case, thanksomuch , Mr. Parker, for the wonderful entertainment.

If I ruled the world:
the series would not end with Lynley grieving.
The world needs nicer resolution.

I would have him finding that he does have more of a soul than he knows; his rebound relationship in "Limbo" is psychologically classic, in its unplanned way, and disastrous result, though most do not suffer it in such extreme.

I envision him, finding the healing path, finding a new love, and retiring from active law enforcement ,to become a male Jessica Fletcher, writing thrilling mysteries, enjoying the power to be a better husband/father to his new wife and lots of babies , while being lord of the manor, which, of course, he is, at his elegant home office, as many writers do.

Occasionally he might be called in to consult...a la Holmes, creating the
neat interplay with his books and real cases, virtual/actual.

Just a thought from a fan in Connecticut, USA, with thanks again for the fine portrayal.

In a ocean of grit and grime film things, the Lynley mysteries go more like silk than sandpaper for me. Very nice. Will miss you in this role, but watch for you in others.


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