Memorable quotes from "A Great Deliverance"

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Lynley: (Trying to open a bookcase full of romance novels.) Locked. They might be racy, but hardly subversive.

Havers: Girl meets handsome man, falls for him. After various misunderstandings she discovers he’s not the cad she thought he was. He takes off into the sunset. Sounds pretty dangerous to me.

Lynley: He destroyed some of your paintings.

Ezra: No big deal. They were rubbish.

Lynley: Is that why you left London?

Ezra: Sorry?

Lynley: You obviously weren’t going to win the Turner Prize painting the pastoral rubbish you’ve been flogging around here.

Ezra: Hang on, hang on!

Lynley: You said yourself your work was no good. I’m only agreeing with you, Mr. Farmington.
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