Memorable quotes from "Payment in Blood"

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Havers: Why would Davies-Jones let Stinhurst think it was his child?

Lynley: He obviously didn’t find out until he came back here. Stinhurst is his best friend. The man who revived his career. He hasn’t pulled back from alcoholism to see his future destroyed.

Havers: Even if this is true, it’s still circumstantial. I mean, unless he hurts Helen—

Lynley: For once, Havers, just SHUT UP!

Lynley: I’m thinking of resigning.

Havers: You’re kidding.

Lynley: I went after the wrong man.

Havers: What makes you so special? That’s half the Met.

Lynley: I handled the situation with Helen very badly.

Havers: No, no, no. You were looking out for her. If I had a mate like… If you resign, I resign.

Lynley: That’s absurd. Why, for heaven’s sake?

Havers: You want the truth?

Lynley: Yes.

Havers: No one else would work with me.

Lynley: That’s you being nice to me, isn’t it?

Havers: Yeah. Shall we hit the pub?

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