Memorable quotes from "Playing for the Ashes"

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Havers: Not what you’d expect, is it, sir?

Lynley: What?

Havers: Cricket. I mean, it’s all cucumber sandwiches, isn’t it? It’s a long way from sudden death.

Lynley: Don’t you believe it, Havers. Do you know there’s a higher than average percentage of suicides in cricket?

Havers: You are so transparent.

Lynley: We need a profiler, and this is her area of expertise.

Havers: That’s why we picked up the case, so you could get Helen on board.

Lynley: I thought it was my liking of cricket.

Havers: She’s going to see right through you.

Lynley: I don’t see why.

Havers: Like you said, she’s a profiler.

Havers: Do you want something to eat?

Lynley: Yeah, that’d be great.

Havers: I could do toast…or toast.

Lynley: I’ll have the toast then, please.
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