Memorable quotes from "A Traitor to Memory"

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Lynley: I didn’t know you liked classical music.

Havers: Working class people can, you know, sir.

Lynley: Cheap, Havers.

Havers: Yeah, all right, sorry. It was. Actually, I saw it in the paper that you borrowed.

Lynley: And then I was put on the case.

Havers: Yes, with me, which I don’t think was an accident.

Lynley: Meaning?

Havers: Are we off the record here?

Lynley: We’re damn nearly off the force, Havers. Just say it.

Havers: I don’t think Webberly wants us to solve Eugenia Martin’s murder at all. I think he wants the “right” result.

Lynley: Are you saying that we were put on this case because we won’t rock the boat if we find out something that Webberly and Leach want covered up?

Havers: Why else? It’s not as if I am police woman of the year, is it? We bring the “right” result, and I get my stripes back. They can keep the bloody rank. I don’t want it back like that.

Lynley: What do you think is the “right” result?

Havers: I don’t know, but Webberly wants a cover-up, and he’s relying on your loyalty to him to get it.

Lynley: There’s something there I think you’ve got wrong. I think he’s relying on my loyalty to you.

Havers: (Incredulous) To me? Why the hell do you think I resigned? You got me demoted. You betrayed me!

Lynley: Just use your head, Havers.

Havers: No, you lost me my rank.

Lynley: Shut up and listen. You’re not meant to know this. Webberly wanted to have you sacked. I had to persuade him to let you stay, which is why I wasn’t going to let you throw it all away. (He hands Havers her letter of resignation, which he’d earlier retrieved from Webberly.)

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