Memorable quotes from "In the Guise of Death"

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Havers: How’ve you been keeping?

Lynley: Me? Fine.

Havers: And Helen?

Lynley: Fine.

Havers: So everything is just basically fine.

Lynley: Everything’s basically fine.

Havers: Word of advice, sir. When your mum asks you that question, you’d better make up a better lie than that.

Havers: I thought you said we were meeting Tremayne at 9:00.

Lynley: Yeah, we are.

Havers: Then why have you got me out of bed at 7:00?

Lynley: Because a thought occurred to me at half past six.

Havers: Couldn’t you have quietly mulled that over to yourself?

Lynley: No. Now come on.

Havers: Oh, I see. Now you want my help. Goodbye, Barbara. Hello, Havers.

Lynley: Come on.

Havers: Sir.

Lynley: Think, Havers. What is Cornwall famous for?

Havers: Pasties.

Lynley: Apart from that.

Havers: Smoked fish.

Lynley: Forget the food!

Havers: I wish I could, but we came out without breakfast, remember.

Lynley: Smuggling.

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