Memorable quotes from "Natural Causes"

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Lynley: They film the therapy sessions. I saw a whole lot of stuff in one of the drawers in her office, including something on Edie.

Havers: You think there could be something useful in it?

Lynley: It’s worth a look, isn’t it?

Havers: Okay, I’ll get them tonight. We need a warrant, and you better make yourself scarce.

Lynley: They filmed my therapy session, too.

Havers: You’ve got to be kidding. Don’t worry, I’ll sort it.

Lynley: Thanks.

Havers: It’ll be worth a few quid down at the station.
(Lynley looks at her, stricken.)
(Laughing.) What did they do to you in there? See you.

Lynley: (Looking only slightly relieved.) See you.

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