Memorable quotes from "Know Thine Enemy"

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Lynley: Barbara?

Havers: Do you actually want the guy to beat the crap out of her?

Lynley: Well, if she comes forward and leads us to Kelly, yes, I do.

Havers: What if we just lit a fire under the senior partner? What if all we’ve done is just to endanger Kelly?

Lynley: So what do you suggest, hey? Wait around until she turns up in a bin bag?

Havers: Sometimes doing nothing is the hardest thing.

Lynley: You sound like a fortune cookie.

Havers: And you sound like someone who’s trying to convince himself that he’s doing the right thing, and not quite successfully.

Lynley: Will you check if Lafferty’s got anywhere with the fingerprints on the A to Z, please. Right now!

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