Season Four

22 Feb 2005 19:58 #1187 by paddy
Replied by paddy on topic Re:Season Four
when on earth are they going to show the new series????????? It's almost march....I was hoping for march, I thought someone wrote that march was going to be great for lynley fans...
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23 Feb 2005 04:01 #1188 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic Re:Season Four
Welcome here Paddy. I was hoping the same thing but so far i haven't heard anything. Don't count on the new Lynley serie before the first 2 weeks of March. Maybe after that. If you keep visiting this site you will know when it will be on the BBC.
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23 Feb 2005 05:07 #1189 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:Season Four
Hi Paddy,

I wrote that March will be great for Nat fans.... ;)
Lylney won't be on BBC One for the first two weeks of March. IF they will start before Easter, who knows? We all have to be patient - and as it's been said: Come back here and you'll be one of the first to know when our ingenious Crime Lord will be back.

Eh, by the way: welcome to our forum.


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23 Feb 2005 15:21 #1190 by caroline
Replied by caroline on topic Re:Season Four
Hello all! Patience, ok, ok, ok! After biting my lower lip several times during the past few months awaiting Lynley 4 (actually awaiting to view what you in Europe have viewed in the last series), I have promised myself not to foam at the mouth, uncross my eyes, fingers and toes, not bite my lips and wait patiently for word when dear Inspec. Lynley and Sgt. Havers return. However I do not promise all of you when I shout in a voice that can be heard in Europe (from the West Coast of the U.S.) at the onset of the great news of Lynley 4, that your eardrums will be able to stand the shouting of glee and merriment at the prospect of being able to get all the news about Lynley!!!!

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23 Feb 2005 18:49 #1191 by paddy
Replied by paddy on topic Re:Season Four
Ok, I'll just be patient season 1 and 2 over and over again....can't get enough of it, but hope season 4 will begin in march.....and hoping for reruns of season 3, can't find it yet on dvd, and I taped only two, so there are still two episodes I haven't seen. (Yes, I have seen the last one, a thousand times already...).
I check this site daily, and hope for good news...and hope it will be broadcast on bbc 1 or 2, I live in Holland and can only watch those two english channels. But I'm sure it will be on either of them.
Thanks for the replies,
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  • Debbie
25 Feb 2005 23:19 #1192 by Debbie
Replied by Debbie on topic Re:Season Four
Welcome to the site, Paddy. In reference to IL, I have a feeling that Holland will receive season 4 before myself here in the U.S. It's a good thing I have the pilot through season 3, or hopes would be very slim for seeing Nat as Inspector Lynley. It is a good thing I'm patient, but in all honesty, I'm quite busy all the time, so there is no time really to ponder about it. (LOL) :)
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