Season Four

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I can't getGMTV over here. too bad. I hope Nat looked good. I bought a vdieotape for the Breakfast show on the BBC tomorrow. You will get the reviews as soon as possible. I will work this weeks review out this Saturday so i can mail them to you the same day. After i saw the trailer yesterday i am mor than ready for a new season of our favorie detective.
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16 Mar 2005 12:44 #1109377856 by webmistress
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Nat did good today!

A short notice: I will close this thread beacuse it is getting tooooooo long to read all of it. I am opening up a new one called " IL 4 - In divine proportion". If you have subscribed to this thread, please watch out for the new to stay updated via eMail.

Cheers! :)

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The topic has been locked.
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