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13 Apr 2009 14:36 #1109387630 by dchakko
Home Page layout was created by dchakko
Hi Jessika,

I noticed today that the home page layout has changed slightly. I like the new format, it seems easier to use and also loads more quickly on my elderly computer. Thanks.


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Like the river flows;
And time it rolls right on;
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17 Apr 2009 20:49 #1109387691 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re:Home Page layout
Hi Jessika:) ,
sorry for being so late. Despite everything I also realized the new look of the site. After attempting I have to say
"Very good"
I wish you and all members a wonderful weekend
:) :laugh: :)

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18 Apr 2009 18:08 #1109387697 by webmistress
Replied by webmistress on topic Re:Home Page layout
TX.I was trying to make it a tad faster. It is a huge website and needs some tricks to make it upload faster... Hopefully this is achieved by the new thingy. :cheer:



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