wish: Tokien's"Silmarillion'stars Nathaniel Parker

10 Sep 2008 05:41 #1109385460 by Pitzel
Yes Yes... Wouldn't it be great if we could in some small way help Nat with his career. We all would love to see him in a starring role.

Fingers Crossed...


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10 Sep 2008 07:53 #1109385462 by ellefagan
Yes - it's nice to feel we might inspire a new idea for a favorite.
But, if his filmography and list of stage performaces is true, he
does not really need much help. Lucky us! :-)

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12 Sep 2008 14:55 #1109385471 by Medodrome
Hi Ellefagan,

A marvellous idea of yours!
I know Tolkien, LOTR.
I saw the movie, very impressive.

I read The hobbit for my English list at school!
It is a fabulous story, I liked it very much!

By the way, welcome to this fabulous site!

Greetings, Erika

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12 Sep 2008 16:20 #1109385472 by ellefagan
Hi, Erika,

Thank you for your find remark!

And thank you for the Welcome!
Although I am accustomed to it, from UK, in a way....
My late husband worked for Wellcome Trust, UK-based,
though we are Yank. I was so proud to be a part of it with them!

Your kind words are appreciated.

Tolkien is important to me. As artist, he is artful.
As Mother, the books are a great growth and development primer, with the good rules slid in there, with the adventures and fun.
Most of all, the books and films can still make me glow -
A big family memory that means more with my
children grown and husband passed, too young.
Cozy winter, all four of us curled up before the fire,with pup and kitty, cocoa and snacks,
taking turns reading aloud. A memory like that is worth the cost of one of the LOTR films.

I note it to share the idea of making such memories - make it special, no matter how they might wish to hurry along. It's a treasure, later.

It was part of why I follow Lynley - to see how
he handles his bereavement. Interesting.

Fortunately, we much prefer to be good about life,
than to be all that good about death - even a detective,
who worls in life/death things every day, goes thru the same madness,
when it hits home.

And I think I will close with that, and resume being good about life,
for the rest of the day. :-)

God Save the Queen and God Bless America and all good people of Middle Earth!


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24 Sep 2008 19:00 - 24 Sep 2008 20:14 #1109385607 by Lisa
Hello ellefagan :)
a warm welcom from the Ruhrdistrik.
This is very nice forum for all Nat Parker fans!!
Enjoy your time here

Greeting from www.ruhr2010.de
Last edit: 24 Sep 2008 20:14 by Lisa.

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24 Sep 2008 19:31 #1109385609 by ellefagan
Thanks, Lisa, for the lovely note!
Like Mr. Parker, himself, I am finding the site a very pleasant experience!

Best wishes for a golden Autumn to you and yours!


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