Wish for More Audio Work

17 Apr 2009 17:35 #1109387677 by UNF
Wish for More Audio Work was created by UNF
It was great to read Nat's Easter post, and to learn there might be a project in the works. May I say that I am happy and excited about whatever that might be and I wish Nat the very best with it, too.

I'd like to put my 'wishful thinking' vote in for some more audio projects this year. I am simply addicted to Nat's audio work. I've finished the wonderful Black Beauty twice - and will listen again on an upcoming long trip (to test the discs in the vehicle, of course). I am awaiting with great anticipation the arrival of 'By Royal Command' later in May. So in between I am kinda left with listening to Nat read the book lists at the Galaxy British Book Awards :) :) Now that is no hardship, but a story or three this year would be phenomenal!! And, by the way, how does he make those book lists sound so interesting?? Nat is a really special talent indeed.

Happy spring, everyone!

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17 Apr 2009 20:26 #1109387689 by inspector
Replied by inspector on topic Re:Wish for More Audio Work
Dear UNF:) ,
I want to mention that you are writing out of my heart. I also have finished the lovely story of Black Beauty and because here the spring has arrived, I will hear it again during my gardening. (I love my mp3-player - thanks to the inventor!!)
And I am waiting impatiently for the new Young Bond.
Let wait together
:):laugh: :)

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