New "Outlander" Script in the works

22 Oct 2009 23:39 #1109389284 by DRae
Hi Everyone,
I just heard that a script is being written by Randall Wallace (maybe finished by now) based on the best selling "Outlander" series of books by Diana Gabaldon. I have thought for a long time that Nathaniel Parker would make a great Lord John. For those who haven't read any of these books, they start in the time period around the battle of Culloden. The main characters are Jamie Fraser, a red headed Jacobite highlander, Claire, a young WWII nurse who has time-travelled back to Scotland, and Lord John, a very complex character who is a British soldier, a member of the aristocracy, and also a gay man (who must always hide it) in a time period where that is a hanging offense. He seems really evil at first, because he must do some despicable things in the service of the Crown while capturing Jacobites. He is actually a really decent person who must conform to his own code of honour and becomes a personal friend while remaining a political enemy of the Fraser clan. I think this would be an incredibly complicated role to pull off with the right balance.
There might also be some great supporting roles in this, too. I really wouldn't mind seeing Nat in a kilt. :woohoo: (Sigh)

Donna Rae

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