I wrote a role for Nat!

20 Nov 2010 11:52 #1109392526 by Yunakitty
I wrote a role for Nat! was created by Yunakitty
Well, I published my first novel this week. It's called Postcards from Scotland and it's about a young woman who loses everything in her life, but climbs up from the absolute bottom to find happiness again after moving to Scotland following her sister's wedding.

The reason it's relevant to here is because I wrote the male lead while thinking of Nat. I have been struggling to actually get further than the second chapter in writing a novel for a couple of years now. But I after I saw Nat in Haunted Mansion and was totally impressed by him, I finally had a clear enough picture of what I wanted my leading man to be like! Tall, dark and handsome, of course, but with class and a touch of loneliness. The character I based on him is called Alastair Macowen, and he's a scowling widower who runs a castle hotel in the Scottish Highlands. The character has some very sweet (and sexy) moments!

Well, I think the book turned out wonderfully! I think other Nat Parker fans would enjoy it because they'll be able to imagine him very clearly. Ha ha, if it's good enough, maybe it'll one day be a movie and he'll star in it! I can only hope! I'm sure he'd have no trouble doing a Scottish brogue, since he's such a talented actor.

search.barnesandnoble.com/books/product.aspx?ean=2940011840012 - It's an eBook, but you can read it on a smartphone or even a computer.

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08 Dec 2010 21:29 #1109392613 by Carrie77
Replied by Carrie77 on topic Re:I wrote a role for Nat!
Congrats, girl. I been two years still tryin to finish my novel. My lead is based on Nat as well....but if I never finish guess he could never play it. LOL. Seriously I am trying to get it done soon....again Congrats. I would love to read it.

Carrie :kiss:

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08 Dec 2010 23:15 #1109392614 by ArtzyJen
Replied by ArtzyJen on topic Re:I wrote a role for Nat!
Fantastic! Can't wait to read it. :)

Jen- 28- Mommy/Wife/Artist/Designer/Runner

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18 Feb 2012 18:39 #1109394409 by LynnGwyneth
Replied by LynnGwyneth on topic Re: I wrote a role for Nat!
Dear Olivia,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is fabulous! :) It's great that you wrote a novel, and found inspiration through Nat. I, for some strange reason, fixate on Yul Brynner for writing pieces, although Lynley as portrayed by Nat, is more my "type". (If only! *le sigh*)

I would buy your book, but from the page link it looks as though it can only be read on a B&N "Nook". I have a MacBook and I can't find out if the formats are compatible. :(

Srsly, I think we should get a campaign started for Nat to read it as an audiobook!!! Hot Cha Cha!!! :woohoo:

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